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Lately i have been looking for a software who can help me edit my already created presentation in a flash-like user-friendly way. I have been thinking about creating a presentation that can be easy to use and share with others.. I have been surfing on the Internet and i have found Cinema 4D to be the best software to do so, But i can’t figure out how to use it on my MAC.. Im not a native english speaker so that might be the reason why i can’t seem to find a full manual for the software.. Can you suggest a software that can help me put something together in a flash like way?.

This is just a draft, how to figure this out. I use Adobe Premier now, but there is something i still want to make.


AFAIK Cinema 4D has no MacOS version. And as you already found, Adobe Premiere Pro Mac does not have a feature like Cinema 4D has.
You can use a free 3D-modeller like Cinema 4D/3ds Max/Maya, Blender, or UDK/Maya LT/Lightwave.
Check out also this thread:

You can also use Blender or Maya LT for designing your presentation.
Maxon CINEMA 4D Studio works with OSX but also Windows, so you can use it on your mac. But to use it in Cinema 4D you need to install the program.
It costs about $90,- and includes all features.
Adobe Dreamweaver also could be used for the user interface. It is a good software with a cool user interface. But it has a lot of functions and is much more expensive than other user interfaces.
See also:
But as I said, it is also a good software but not exactly the same as Cinema 4D, Maya or Blender. And it is also much more expensive.
You can use it to design the interface of your presentation but you can’t create the presentation in that way.
You can also create slides with images and place them in the presentation. You can cut the images and animate them. And you can insert new objects in the presentation. But you can’t animate them or create new objects.