Roblox is a construction and creation-centric “multiplayer” sandbox video game and online community that allows players to use virtual worlds to simulate and interact with properties on a 3D game engine.
Construction Beginnings
YouTube channel owner and developer Roblox Corporation was launched in 2004 by Erik Cassel and David Baszucki. In the beginning, the Roblox developers envisioned a children’s game, with the primary “game” being the ability to create structures like houses and streets. The younger-generation market was projected to dominate the market, with Cassel and Baszucki ensuring the safety of such games by creating the software with the youth in mind and by creating a network designed for children. The game was simple in its building design (e.g., vehicles could drive along and destroy buildings) to encourage the imaginative playing of children. The game’s user-friendly nature was stated in Cassel’s quote below in 2004: “We just want kids to be creative, to build stuff, to mess around.”
I think this is just perfect. I’m not talking about the fact that we’re making a lot of money or anything like that. But [a kids’ game] has a real chance to be something special for kids. They’re going to be adults in a couple of years, but for the next two years or so they’re just going to be kids. And it’s not going to look like the stuff that they play today. It’s going to be something that they can actually enjoy, build stuff, and mess around in. And hopefully they’ll kind of experience that new feeling that they get when they’re playing the real stuff.
Cassel had a similar sentiment in 2005, when he stated, “We want to create games that are very simple so that kids can build and have fun at the same time. We want kids to play it for a long time because we want them to keep playing for a long time.” Additionally, in 2012, Roblox Corporation CEO David Baszucki stated, “We want to make games that kids can play for hours and hours and hours.”
Baszucki later expanded on his 2012 opinion that Roblox was designed primarily for children, stating that the entire network model was designed for children. In June 2014, Roblox President and COO Peter Levin stated, “[Roblox is] really a platform for kids to create their own games and play with their friends.” In addition, Roblox Corporation investors are commonly children


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