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Chapter1.There are usually 2 types of PCs, referred to as low-end and high-end.In this tutorial, we will start from the basics.First of all, let us start with a brief introduction.Q:

How to populate a List View in React Native

In my app I want to display data in a list view.
I have a sqlite database where I have a table of data.
I have created a model as follows:
import {create, get} from ‘lodash’;
import React, {useState} from’react’;

export default function Model (item) {
const {get, set} = createReactClass({
getInitialState() {
return get(item.items, 0);
componentDidMount() {
set(item.items, this.getInitialState());
render() {
return this.props.item;

And I have a component that displays the data in the list view which looks like this:
import React, {useState} from’react’;
import { Model } from ‘./Model’;
import { createListView, ListView } from’react-native-listview-selectable’;
import styles from ‘../lib/styles’;

export default function MyList () {
const {get, set} = useState([
{id:1, title:’Hello world’, body:’Testing for a string’},
{id:2, title:’Hello world’, body:’Testing for a number’},
{id:3, title:’Hello world’, body:’Testing for a number’}

return (