HOLLYWOOD, FL / ACCESSWIRE / September 5, 2023 / Crewzz, a home design platform and construction company founded by Oren Dagan, is announcing market expansion into new cities in the aim of bringing a more modern approach to building and home improvement. Founded in 2021, the company aims to bring tailored, streamlined, and rewarding home improvement experiences to underserved markets to meet industry demand.

The Dagan founded enterprise looks to offer a comprehensive solution that effortlessly merges traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology. This tech advancement is intended to bolster the company’s influence and physical reach, allowing Crewzz to expand its operational horizons.

The plan to extend its all-inclusive services to new towns is a strategic move. It is a direct response to industry studies that point to a general dissatisfaction with current industry practices. The expansion into new cities represents a milestone in Crewzz’s growth journey. The company views it as proof of the efficacy of its approach to client collaboration. The move underscores Crewzz’s commitment to become more accessible to more homeowners.

In these new cities, homeowners will have the opportunity to tap into Crewzz’s experience, pursuit of technology, and customer-focused services. They will be able to design, visualize, and actualize their dream spaces in a way that is not always available to all markets.

This expansion is not just about bringing Crewzz’s home design and construction model to new markets; it’s about attempting to transform the home improvement landscape in these areas. The builder wants to introduce a seamless end-to-end experience that turns building nightmares into building dreams.

Recognizing the impact of 3D architectural visualization, Crewzz is expanding its virtual home tours to a broader audience. The home designer is offering this intelligent technology to people, communities, and industries, so they can better visualize the designs before breaking ground.

Crewzz sees a future where virtually stepping inside a blueprint and exploring the design is commonplace. The builder is positioning itself to be a leader in a more immersive, inclusive, and inspiring architectural future, whether it is property owners seeking to view their renovated spaces or developers engaging potential investors.

The team strives to be seen as a model for industry advancement by reinventing the world of home design and construction. Since its launch, Crewzz has sought out new benchmarks for excellence and efficiency by reshaping the homeowners’ journey from conception to realization. The company’s driving ethos is to revamp the traditional paradigm of home design and construction by providing homeowners with a transparent, collaborative, and fulfilling experience.

Underlying the company’s efforts is an understanding of the multifaceted challenges of the industry, and a resolve to address these hurdles with smart tech solutions. Crewzz’s formula for growth is embodied in its platform, which integrates the entire process of home construction – from pre-construction to post-construction – into a single, streamlined workflow.

To simplify the process and eliminate common roadblocks, Crewzz sets out to transform the chore of home construction into a delight. This mission is central to the company’s value proposition and a key reason for the decision to grow its Florida base outward.

The expansion is a strategy to help property owners overcome home improvement hurdles with cutting-edge solutions. The builder wants to show the platform’s dedication to making the process of achieving dream spaces more fulfilling.

With this latest development, Crewzz aims to solidify its position as a leader in the industry and expand its comprehensive approach to home design to more residential and commercial properties.

About Crewzz

Founded in 2021 by industry veteran Oren Dagan, Crewzz is a home design and construction company that seeks to transform home improvement from a daunting task into an exciting, enjoyable journey. By integrating 3D architectural visualization technology with traditional craftsmanship, the platform empowers clients to design, visualize, and actualize their spaces prior to construction. Crewzz is expanding into new markets with the intention of bringing transparent communication, wider financing options, and extended work warranties to more towns. Making dream spaces a reality, while transforming the industry with approachable tech, Crewzz aims to solidify its position as a leader in the field.

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