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The Kostenko Monastery () is a Russian Orthodox monastery located in Kostenko village, Chukotka Autonomous Okrug, Russian Far East. It is an architectural enigma, since its construction did not fit into any of the available styles.

The monastery was established in 1803 on the site of a former fort, which was built in the 17th century by the Cossacks. It was built of wood and has disappeared. The construction of the stone church started in 1824. The church was finished in 1829. On the site of the old fort, the new building includes four belfry towers, only one of which was constructed in 1829, while the other three date back to the 1800s. The sanctuary ceiling is decorated with frescoes.

Since 1853, the Kostenko was under the control of the Strigunin Rurik Order, which includes monasteries in Chukotka (Malye Krestino, Svyatoe Krestenyje, Tannya,

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and it continues to the end of line…….
I have a file name like this, which contains a list of line beginning with commas.. I would like the list to be into new file that contains lines beginning with comma until a line that has no comma,, it means that a line has no comma, then I get the contents of that line and create it into the new text file.
I tried this command :
awk ‘BEGIN{FS=”,”}{if(length(field)==0){print;next}else print $0}’ input.txt >> new_file.txt

But, nothing is created into new file.


try this
awk ‘BEGIN{FS=”,”}{if(length(field)==0){print}else print field}’ input.txt >> new_file.txt

BEGIN is optional, you are trying to print the whole line, just using print doesn’t do it.


A perennial vegetable, cucumber has tender, fleshy leaves that grow in parallel rows. Fresh green young leaves can be eaten raw or pickled. The flowers appear in close clusters and will appear once the plant has matured. You can plant cucumber plants from seed, which will typically require being planted in the spring, or from transplants that should be planted in the fall. If you’re starting from seed, water the soil when the sun goes down. When you transplant into the ground, plant the seeds with the hilt of a knife pointed toward the center, to ensure that the plants grow straight and tall. Most varieties will produce pickles in two to four weeks, but you can expect them to take longer if you’ve started them in summer heat. If you’re growing your cucumbers in a greenhouse, you can expect them

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