Dovetail Software Reviews

Dovetail Software is an Austin-based company that offers a range of HR service delivery solutions. Its platform includes tools like HR Case Management, Employee Portal, and Knowledge Management. 

TechCrunch recently spoke with Dovetail CEO Benjamin Humphrey about the company’s capital raise. His comments were interesting, especially in light of the fact that Dovetail doesn’t have a venture capitalist behind it. 

HR Case Management 

If you are looking for a solution that will help your HR department manage employee questions, concerns, and incidents more efficiently and effectively, HR case management software is an excellent choice. It streamlines these processes, making them faster and easier for employees to understand and follow. 

It can also provide a central repository for documentation and conversations with employees so that team members are always on the same page, regardless of whether they have questions related to a company policy change, a restructure, maternity leave, or other employee-related issues. 

Dovetail is a well-known provider of HR case management software that offers an end-to-end solution for HR service delivery. It allows HR teams to improve their performance by delivering better customer service and keeping up with the changing needs of modern HR functions. 

You can get a free demo and consultation from their sales or customer support team to find out how they can customize an HR case management system to meet your specific needs and budget. They are available around the clock and can answer all of your queries. 

Another great thing about this system is that it has an email inbox feature that sends employees a response that is customized based on their message. For example, if an employee is seeking information about the company’s maternity leave policy, the system will search the database for articles and resources that match certain keywords in their message. This saves time, helps the HR team stay on top of cases, and ensures that employees have all the answers they need. 

Managing employee relations is a challenging task that can be difficult to handle without a reliable tool. HR case management software will make the process easier by ensuring that your team has everything they need to provide excellent customer service. 

This system also allows employees to easily access past questions, answers, and solutions via an employee portal. This means that your employees will never have to ask the same questions again, as they can quickly search for solutions. 

Dovetail Software is a highly trusted platform for HR case management that will boost your team’s ability to deliver the best service to your employees while reducing costs and administrative tasks. Dovetail also takes data privacy and security very seriously, implementing numerous security measures to protect sensitive data. 

Employee Portal 

The Dovetail Employee Portal is a communication platform designed to give employees access to a wide range of information and services. This includes a centralized and searchable Knowledge Base, Videos & Infographics and a live chat capability that allows employees to get their questions answered. 

The Employee Portal is one of the core components of Dovetail Software’s HR Service Delivery solution. This is a unified communications platform that enables HR teams to deliver structured, consistent and transparent communications to their workforce, keeping them informed about company policies and procedures. 

Dovetail’s Employee Portal is an out-of-the-box, fully configurable SaaS offering that complements their other two core applications – Employee Case Management and Knowledge Management – within the existing Dovetail Employee Engagement Suite framework. The portal, which is built on a cloud-based technology architecture, enables remote workers to access their work, interact with HR and share important documents in a safe and secure way. It has the same pricing as Allmeds EMR pricing. 

It also combines the latest in cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence to provide a robust communications hub that enables remote teams to engage in high-quality, meaningful conversations with their employees. The portal can be customized to include a number of features that help make it an effective workplace tool including an interactive FAQs section, Video & Infographics and an integrated live chat feature that gives employees the opportunity to speak directly with an HR representative. 

This is a highly functional and scalable communications solution that can be used for a wide range of needs from employee onboarding to employee bereavement support and everything in between. The platform is a great fit for modern HR organizations that are looking to increase productivity and customer satisfaction while keeping pace with employee expectations. The portal’s capabilities are complemented by a wide variety of other features and functionality, including a multi-language dashboard and the ability to customize employee roles and permissions to meet your organization’s specific needs. 

Knowledge Management 

Dovetail Software Reviews’ Knowledge Management solution helps employees to quickly find the answers they need. The platform’s HR Knowledge Base enables users to instantly search for captured information from past inquiries, which saves time and ensures that questions can be solved today rather than tomorrow. 

A knowledge management system needs to be intuitive for people to use. Otherwise, people will use workarounds or simply ignore it altogether. It also needs to be easy for people to share, which means that the system should allow for a variety of ways to document, organize and store information. 

It also needs to be scalable, so that it can grow with the company and adapt to new types of information. This can be a difficult thing to manage, but it’s crucial for ensuring that information is easily accessible and that everyone in the organization can benefit from it. 

If a knowledge management system is not scalable, it will likely become unwieldy over time. This can cause problems such as a lack of visibility and information that becomes outdated or out of date. It can also lead to a lot of time spent in unnecessary manual tasks and confusion over the structure. 

The best knowledge management solutions are able to streamline these issues by removing the need for manual work. The right solution will reduce the amount of time spent on repetitive tasks, make it easy to create, update and store key information and will provide a single source of truth for all teams. 

As an HR technology company, Dovetail Software is a leading provider of a suite of applications that help HR teams deliver better services to their clients and staff. Its product offerings include HR case management, employee portal, knowledge management and reporting & analytics. 

A great knowledge management solution can be a vital component to any modern HR function. It can improve the quality of the information that is available to employees, and help the entire team collaborate more effectively. 

A scalable and adaptable knowledge management solution can help reduce time spent on repetitive tasks, make it easier to create, update and share key information and will allow for a single source of truth for all teams. Choosing the right solution can also help prevent issues such as information being out of date or hidden away in personal folders, which makes it more difficult for teams to access the information they need. 

Reporting & Analytics 

A client of Dovetail’s required a way to report global production numbers. Dovetail designed and built a web application that was robust, secure, traceable, and auditable. The solution also made use of a sophisticated data analysis platform. 

Dovetail’s data-driven intelligence engine uses machine learning to predict user behavior and provide insights into customer pain points and preferences. It offers a variety of features, including usability testing, document sharing, pattern recognition, full-text search, tagging, and graphical reporting. 

To create the best results from your Dovetail research, it’s important to tag and organize your data correctly. Dovetail’s tags help you identify patterns and themes across your research data, and make it easier to locate the most informative insights. 

First, think about what you want to highlight. For instance, a good rule of thumb is to tag anything that you’ve noticed during your research sessions (for example, user behavior that could be improved upon). Dovetail will suggest appropriate tags for you as you go along. 

Once you’ve identified which highlights you want to turn into insights, go ahead and make them happen. Unlike many other tools, Dovetail allows you to convert your tagged highlights into insights in one click. This makes it easy to share your findings with others and turn your data into actionable insights. Next, use the Tags page of your Dovetail project to add any extension tags you’d like. This will enable you to find the best insights by section, stage, or group. 

In the end, tagging your highlights is the most important thing you can do to turn your data into actionable insights. It may seem like a small detail, but it can make a huge difference to your results and ultimately improve your business’s user experience. 

If you have questions about the process of turning your data into insight, check out the video above or reach out to us in the Dovetail Slack channel. Our team can walk you through the process step-by-step.