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“the” changed to “to” in a sentence

I was reading someone else’s code when I realized that “the” was changed to “to” in a sentence.
I can see where this is going:
private String theZone = “USER_ZONE”;

private String toZone = “USER_ZONE”;

But what is the reason this was done? Is there a naming convention to do this?


There is no reason to be suspicious; the is the standard terminology for a zone.
Most people don’t use it, but it is a standard English term.
Your fellow coder is using a familiar domain where this is a common term to avoid ambiguity.


Projective dimensions of self extensions?

As the title says, let $R$ be a Noetherian local ring with maximal ideal $\mathfrak m$, and assume that $R$ is complete and separable. If $E$ is an injective module such that $E\otimes_RE$ is flat, by flat base change and $\text{pd}(E)\leq 1$, we know that $\text{Ext}_R^1(E,E)\cong \text{Ext}_R^1(E,E\otimes_RE)=0$.

Question 1. Is $\text{Ext}_R^1(E,E)\cong \text{Ext}_R^1(E,E\otimes_RE)$ necessarily true?
Question 2. If not, assume that $E$ is also projective. Does $\text{Ext}_R^1(E,E)=0$ then imply that $\text{pd}(E)=1$?

In either case, my guess is “yes” for 2. And in case 2, is the result true for more general rings?
Thanks in advance!


When $R$ is complete and noetherian, $\text{Ext}^1_R(E,E)$ is precisely the second local cohomology

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In C++, it is usually not necessary to use the same name for function and variable as is often used in other languages.

v1.0: Initial release All authors’ names are represented by first name. Please see the Acknowledgements section for further details.
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