Roblox is a virtual playground designed to be a rich, immersive, real-time simulation of a living room. Imagine with us that one day you wake up and walk into the living room of your house. There, you discover that your living room has become a massive online game with other users all over the world. You can talk, play games, shop, hang out, or even make new friends. It’s the most immersive social experience on the web.

Visit Roblox today and discover what makes this platform so unique. Create your own games, chat with friends, and play a variety of games with different control schemes. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even design your own game to play!

You are a local contractor and your dad has retired. He’s about to move into a new home and wants you to landscape it. Fortunately, you know just the person to help you out… for a price. You’ll need to stop over at Frank’s warehouse to pick up the materials you need to create the perfect garden. You must act quickly, you only have a few days to finish the job.

Build your own castle! Create your own empire or rule the kingdoms as a king or queen with your friends. Fight and explore, trade and grow, build and conquer – the world is yours to discover. Welcome to Builders Club™, where imagination is free.

Though difficult to control, it is possible to build much larger structures than those that can be clicked upon. Constructable objects are prefixed with a “+”, and prefabricated items are prefixed with a “.”

Although user-made buildings cannot exceed 64 blocks in height, large structures can be created using a combination of prefabricated blocks, including TNT blocks, and other blocks that can be constructed by users to make larger structures.

An upgrade system that allows players to purchase enough resources to upgrade single blocks to create larger structures is also available, with block upgrades costing almost a billion dollars depending on the size of the structures.

Although there are difficulties in controlling the player’s avatar, an achievement system named Dream Builders is in place that awards players with in-game achievements once they complete specific challenges.

The game also features eight seasons that users have to complete in order to earn and be rewarded special items. These items include exclusive clothing, cards, decor, pets, and furniture for the player’s castle.





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“Hi everyone!

This game has been launched in partnership with the legendary company, Roblox, Inc. Roblox is an exciting new way for people to make their own games and experiences and Roblox released a lot of fun, family-friendly games and free MMO games. The game has tens of millions of players around the world, and is currently broadcasting on iOS and Android devices and smart TV as well. Roblox is the perfect place to explore your imagination and to express yourself, no matter what your interests are.

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