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Segmentation fault (core dumped)
Just after that, the game does not start.
But if you do a system restore to a certain point, it starts.
And this can go on for a very long time.
Before the system restore, everything is fine, after this error appears:
The operation system was not found.
If it was found, please install a brand new operating system.
The operation system was not found
What can be done?

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Convergence in $M_1(\mathbb C)$ and $M_2(\mathbb C)$

Is a sequence $(a_n)\in M_1(\mathbb C)$ or $(a_n)\in M_2(\mathbb C)$ converges to $a \in \mathbb C$ if and only if $|a_n|\rightarrow|a|$?
I know that the sequence $(a_n)$ converges to $a \in \mathbb C$ if and only if $a_n\rightarrow a$ in the norm of $\mathbb C$, which is obviously stronger, so I think this is true. But I don’t see how we can use the norm of $\mathbb C$ as $\mathbb C$ is a vector space and not a normed space. Maybe there is something I missed, hence my questions. Thank you!


Convergence of sequences in $M_1$ or $M_2$ is defined in terms of their norms (which is
a vector space) rather than vector addition.
I think you can safely use the definition in terms of norms.


How to use the whereIn with a WHERE clause

I have the following table structure:

I need to build a query where I can select all the Records from the table where the sales are higher than $10.00 and in addition, the Description field contains “testing”
This is what I have so far:
FROM Table
WHERE Rating > 10
AND Description LIKE ‘%testing%’


To select everything that matches the criteria, you need to place the condition in the WHERE clause.
FROM Table
WHERE Rating > 10
AND Description LIKE ‘%testing%’


You can not use OR operator in the