Duxbury Braille Translator 11.1 HOT! Cracked 👌🏿


Duxbury Braille Translator 11.1 Cracked

.Dairy industry stays silent on funding for autism to fight for kids

August 3, 2015

Since the announcement of the Government’s National autism strategy on May 22, the world’s biggest dairy companies have not spoken publicly about the plan.

Rather than joining the call for extra investment in autism research and services for children and young people, the dairy industry has stayed silent.

Over the last few months, many dairy companies have spent their time planning for International Dairy Week in November, but an industry-wide statement on autism would have been a sign of real commitment to the strategy.

Last week, a call for evidence to inform the Government’s National autism strategy was published, yet dairy industry responses to the call are yet to come.

Dairy Australia’s new Chief Executive Phillip Gailey said it is important that the industry does not speak out.

“The dairy industry isn’t a government department and we don’t work for the government, so we should be focused on the business and not the politics,” he said.

“We’re focused on dairy exports and making sure we get to a healthy dairy industry in Australia.”

Philip Gailey says the dairy industry has no plans to speak publicly about the National Autism strategy

Mr Gailey says the dairy industry should not go against the business plan.

“The dairy industry is not a charity. I don’t think it should take on social issues,” he said.

“It is important that the dairy industry engages with the government, but not because of our children’s autism program, because of the business plan.”

The Government has pledged to invest $220 million over four years into evidence-based early intervention programs for children with autism, alongside an additional $190 million over four years for high-quality research.

But the Government has declined to reveal the sources of these funds.

The call for evidence follows a call for evidence from dairy farmers who asked the Government to commit to funding a Federal autism research program in March.

The government has not responded yet, though it says there is a need for additional research into the condition.

The dairy industry is the largest contributor to the Northern Territory’s autism research program.

However, the industry has not been given any specific details about the level of investment the NT government is prepared


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