● Storyline:
You can play as a character called Alex and become a professional builder of Roblox games.
● Build your own world:
Roblox is the ultimate game creation platform where players can easily build their own games and play with their friends.
● Plenty of fun things to make:
There are so many ways to have fun and relax playing on Roblox. You can build a room, have a birthday party, set up a restaurant, play sports, go to school and much more.
● Design your dream home:
Many of the most popular creative things are created with Roblox Studio, an intuitive and user-friendly tool that gives you complete freedom to create something that you can be proud of.
● Socialize:
Roblox is a fun and friendly place to meet new people and make friends. Create your own username and give your game a description.
● Add your own creativity:
You can write your own story, play with your favorite Roblox characters, and create special effects. Feel free to use your imagination and write something that you can only dream of.
● Relax and learn something new:
Whether you want to test out the latest coding language, make your own game or just hang out with your friends, Roblox has everything for everyone.
● Roblox ID:
● Facebook:
● Instagram:
● Twitter:
● Telegram:
● Discord:
● Official Website:
● Roblox Studio Download:
● Roblox YouTube:

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Roblox Studio –
Backpack –
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Additional accessories – We used a small chandelier that we attached to the ceiling with mounting tape

What you will need:

Roblox Studio –
Backpack –
Cameras – Any camera works, we use a 6D and an iPhone
Camera cables – You can use the ones on your camera,


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Addictive Roblox Game

Roblox is a free open-source online multiplayer social gaming platform developed by PRI Interactive, Inc., an American company based in San Mateo, California.

Roblox is one of the worlds largest games and can be played on any computer, tablet or phone. Roblox is a very popular game, with more than 40 million users monthly. It has 866,900,000 unique players, and over 500,000 active developers. Roblox cost users nothing to create their own games and play them on the Roblox website.

Roblox is totally free and open to use. Everyone can create their own games on a daily basis.
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