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Using Medium to Launch a Developer Community? – electrotype

Would you use Medium to start a developer community? We’re in the process of creating one for our company.
I don’t know how many people at our company are ready to follow a blog (of
course we got bloggers), but Medium would be awesome for the discussion page.
Why should I stop to read a wall of text when I can read an article then jump
in the conversation right there? Not to mention that there are just so many
ways to interact with the content.

Medium is great – as a way to start a community. I’ve tried to setup a few
before and have used Medium at large for the bulk of it’s development – and
admitedly have no idea how to do it correctly ( i.e. there is no good
tutorial on how to setup a development communities on a third party site – i.e.
Medium). But I do think it is a great way to launch a community. I’ve found
if I base a discussion around an article I’ve written or a project I’m
working on that is useful to many – the conversation grows and is actually
worth the read. Some blogs suck of course but I think these medium
discussions actually grow – actually accelerating the growth of a community
– I really can’t say this enough.

Thanks for the feedback. We will look into setting up a system to run a
community on Medium. It does seem like a very nice platform.

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