Eco-Friendly Product Packaging

Save your environment, it will save you! The basic concept behind this slogan is to start thinking about your ecosystem today. Investing in your ecosystem is the act of securing your future. The high amount of environmental pollutants is responsible for many air-borne diseases. The release of highly toxic chemicals is affecting aquatic life and causing water-bore disorders. Likewise, food contaminated with pollutants are the leading cause of digestive discomfort and problems.

Shortly, even a small disturbance in the environment can turn into a chronic health problem, which would be difficult to cure, if left untreated. Above all of it, prevention is better than cure. Eco-friendly product packaging is a good initiative taken by My Box Packaging – a renowned name of custom box manufacturers.

Custom boxes help take your brand’s awareness campaign to the next level. It allows all small businesses and startups to artistically create their brand’s identity-core principle of marketing. But remember environmental sustainability is your band’s sustainability, thus the concept of eco-friendly packaging comes into existence.

In this blog, we will help you find how to kick-start your business with eco-friendly product packaging material. Hopefully, this idea will be of great use to small businesses and startups.

1.      Small Businesses and Startups:

Small businesses and startups are among some of the needs of the current era. By definition, small firms are businesses running under the governance of some private parties. They usually have small revenue generation and fewer numbers of employees. However, startups refer to newly started businesses, especially in technological sectors.

These businesses and startups face a number of challenges regarding sales and revenue. People often start them with small investments, so starting large marketing campaigns will be a bit difficult. That’s how some eco-friendly packaging materials have been introduced. They are cheaper, safer, and fashionable, so choosing eco boxes for your newly launched products will be a wiser decision.

2.      Eco-Friendly Product Packaging:

It’s a bit difficult to define eco-friendly custom product boxes and packaging in a sentence. This is because it varies greatly in different contexts. For a quick overview, it refers to the use of material in the packaging of products that is harmless to humans and the environment, simultaneously. There is no hard and fast rule or specific formula to describe whether the material is eco-friendly or not. It’s only the individual describing the material, which defines the term eco-friendly. For example, paper bags, cellulose packs, and custom corrugated boxes.

3.      Friendly Product Packaging Options:

3.1 Biodegradable Packaging:

Biodegradation is a complex process, making it difficult to sum up here. As a basic understanding, we can say that it’s the process of breakdown of material in a natural way. Natural breakdown refers to the decomposition of material by living organisms commonly called biodegrades or decomposers. These organisms eat upon the material, take their meal and release the remaining substance in the air. If the packaging is made of substances that these tiny creatures do not like to eat, we need to use artificial means of decomposition. These artificial means cause environmental pollution. Paper bags and cardboard boxes are examples of biodegradable packaging.

3.2 Bioplastic Boxes:

These plastics usually seem like traditional plastics but they tend to degrade more quickly. They are synthetically created to lift the load, show elasticity, and protect food from environmental stress. However, this chemically engineered product is cheap and helps protect the environment. Examples of good bioplastic boxes include PLA (Polyacitic acid boxes), which are designed to degrade over time.

3.3 Reusable cartons:

Reusable cartons are pocket friendly in addition to its eco-friendly properties. These are made up of sturdy cardboard or synthetic plastic that you can use multiple times before it degrades automatically. Its durability makes it best used for safely covering long distances without being heavy on pocket.

3.4 Compostable packaging:

Like other packaging options, compostable packaging also degrades easily over time. This eco-friendly product packaging option is ideal for small businesses as it reduces waste and helps to conserve the ecosystem. So, compostable packaging is a considerable alternative to traditional non-biodegradable material.

3.5 Recycled packaging:

People often think that recycled materials are not safe, especially for food items. It’s true to some extent-but think for a while about the use of glass bottles. Yes, glass bottles are great examples of recycled materials. These are safe for storing beverages and other food items, making it a good eco-friendly product packaging option.

4.      Eco-friendly packaging with The Custom Boxes Australia:

However, The Custom Boxes Australia is providing two additional eco-friendly product packaging options for small businesses. You must review it here to benefit from it.

4.1 Kraft packaging:

As the name suggests, it is a type of packaging made from pure organic substances such as wood pulp. On further processing, they convert the wood pulp into fine sheets of brown color; however, the bleaching can also turn them white. The boxes and packaging made from this paper are easily recyclable and degradable. Thus, Kraft packaging is commonly known as eco-friendly boxes and bags.

All food chains, coffee shops, fast food restaurants, grocery stores, and even pharmacies can use Kraft packages. They are lightweight, inexpensive, and made up of natural material so it’s safe and health-friendly.

4.2 Bux board boxes:

For supplying bulk orders like hundreds of cough syrup bottles, bux board boxes are best fit. Such boxes are recyclable, cost-effective, and durable. Small businesses and startups can use these boxes with and without personalization or custom designing.

If the main purpose behind buying packages is sustainability and publicity, custom printing options like screen printing, gold and silver finishing and other options are worth considering.

Final Thoughts: 

After all is said and done, we must conclude the discussion by saying that from tons of available packaging options, one must choose eco-friendly printed boxes. Such materials are ideal for transportation and always remain gentle to the environment. It’s the printing style that gives simple brown or white eco boxes a fancy look. So start taking the right decision at the very beginning of your small business to stay on track. Best of luck for your business endeavors!