HDFC Bank in association with Indian Oil Corporation has launched the co-branded credit card. As we all know that HDFC Bank is one of the leading banks in India. Further, a large number of people depend on the financial services offered by the bank. Therefore, to cater to the needs of those who travel daily with their own vehicle HDFC Bank has created the  Indian Oil Credit Card. It will help the customers to earn fuel rewards and save a significant amount of money. Keep reading to know more about “ Expalin the rewards offered by Indian Oil HDFC Bank Credit Card”.

Advantages of Indian Oil HDFC Bank Credit Card

If you travel daily with your own vehicle you might feel a cash crunch. It is however because the prices of fuel are increasing day by day. Hence, there was a need for a card that could help out people in saving money. HDFC Bank has come out with a vital concept of Indian Oil HDFC Bank Credit Card. Through this credit card, you can get up to 50 liters of fuel free annually. Furthermore, earn up to 5% of fuel points at the IndianOil outlets. However, from the date of credit card issuance, you will get 250 fuel points in the first 6 months and 150 fuel points past 6 months.  Moreover, on groceries and bill payments, you can earn fuel points up to 5% of your spending. The maxim you can earn per month is 100 fuel points. Additionally, for spending INR 150 on all other purchases you will earn 1 fuel point. Hence, the  Indian Oil HDFC Bank Credit Card will help you to earn fuel benefits on your every purchase. As a result, you can save a good amount of money whil using this credit card. 

This HDFC Credit Card provides IndianOil XTRAREWARDSTM Program (IXRP) membership free at no cost. Also, the revolving credit is offered to you at a very nominal interest rate. Moving ahead, there are many instances reported where the credit card has been lost or stolen. In such scenarios, credit card holders sometimes have to face a very tough situation. It is because fraudsters sometimes use the credit card for counterfeit transactions. Therefore, to make things easier the Indian Oil Credit Card offers Zero Lost Card Liability. Under this benefit, you can report to the bank about any sort of loss. Hence, after reporting to the bank you will not be held liable for any transactions that happen from the credit card. However, make sure to report to the bank within 24 hours to avail of the benefit. 

Enjoy an interest-free period of up to 50 days from the date of credit card issuance. In addition, with the above advantage, the card provides a 1% fuel surcharge waiver. It is applicable across all the petrol pumps in India with a minimu transaction amount of INR 400. Further, the maxim cashback you can avail of is INR 250 per statement cycle. You can also convert your big spending into EMIs through the SmartEMI option. Nevertheless, by spending INR 50,000 or more in the previous year you can waive the annual charges. The contactless payment feature allows fast and more safe payment gateway. In addition, it adds an extra layer of protection to your transactions. 


Indian Oil HDFC Bank Credit Card is one of the best fuel credit cards in India. You have here an ample amount of options to earn fuel points. However, you can convert these points into cash. Simply redeem your reward points at any IndianOil petrol station. Furthermore, 1 fuel point equals 96 paise. However, the fuel points are only valid for two years. To obtain the Indian Oil HDFC Bank Credit Card, you have to pay a joining fee of INR 500.