Feedsoft Professional 3.19 22


Feedsoft Professional 3.19 22

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Can I migrate from Windows Server 2012 Datacenter to Azure SQL Database using an R2 preview?

I’m running into this question again. What I’m looking for is a way to deploy a SQL Server instance with an R2 preview on Azure, which I think is possible according to the article here, but it seems very hard to actually do, as it requires a lot of set up and several manual actions.
So I was wondering if there was a similar way to deploy a SQL Server with SQL Server Express 2012 that I can accomplish using the Azure Resource Manager? I tried to use the SQL Server Agent, but after deploying the VHD to Azure, I can’t seem to connect to it.


The article is indeed a good reference when you want to migrate a SQL Express instance to an Azure SQL Database.
As @Alexandre le Gall said in his answer, you can use the Azure PowerShell Migrate-AzSqlDwServiceFabricScmSource.ps1 script for this task. This script comes with the Azure DevOps Server Power Toolkit, which you can install locally on your server.
The script has a help output that contains the parameter list, and it also tells you what you can see and what you can not see in the PowerShell ISE version.


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