The following gameplay innovations are made possible by the use of new advanced physics.

Before you buy

Before you buy, you need to consider your gaming resolution and your recommended gaming settings. See our FIFA 22 System Requirements below.

Until now, FIFA has been powered by the Frostbite engine, which is fairly stable in terms of performance and visuals, but one of the drawbacks is the need for a high-powered processor to deliver realistic physics, animation and engine fidelity. It also requires a relatively large amount of computing power.

FIFA 22 uses the new Ignite Engine, which is developed by Starlight Technologies and developed specifically for the use on portable devices. This new engine features a low-powered, dedicated chip and enables FIFA 22 to run on low-powered devices and even mobile devices. IGNITE also retains all the great visual features of the Frostbite engine, such as the grass, cards and animations. With IGNITE, FIFA now delivers the best possible game experience across portable devices.

Is the Frostbite engine still used?

All FIFA games use the Frostbite engine. Recently, FIFA 19 has been using the Ignite engine and this is now the engine used on FIFA 22.

Can FIFA 22 run on tablets, smartphones, or other portable devices?

FIFA 22 will run on low-powered devices.

The IGNITE engine and FIFA 22 will run on most low-powered devices.

FIFA 22 on PCs and large-screen TVs will run at 1080p or 1440p with performance as good as on large-screen TVs of the past.

FIFA 22 on mobile devices, tablets, will run at 720p and will deliver rich visuals at a similar level to the FIFA Mobile experience.

Does FIFA 22 run on both my PC and my phone?

Yes, you can play FIFA on both your PC and your phone, as the FIFA Server will be able to deliver the game to both.

Are the servers worldwide or only for certain countries?

The game will be playable worldwide.

Will FIFA Server be available worldwide?

Yes, FIFA Server will be available worldwide.

Does the game support online play or only online versus real-time?

FIFA Online will be available (server setup required).

I want FIFA 22 to run on my mobile, tablet or PC but it won’t start. What can I do?


Features Key:

  • Authentic Performance gives a deeper look into the world of football: more than 1,200 ball touches, 50 major passes, and deeper player evolution gives real-world data that players respond to when presented in the on-field HUD.
  • HyperMotion™ Reactions delivers more realistic physical play, ball control and responsiveness, while allowing for deeper tricks, flicks and one-to-ones.
  • Beautiful authentic player faces, emotion-driven interviews, authentic crowds and dramatic on-field performances combine to create a more immersive gameplay experience.
  • Loads of new moves with dynamic animation sequences, including 3-on-3 football. Just like real life.
  • Ultimate Team adds more excitement, teamwork and community to FIFA 22 with 120 new cards in FIFA Ultimate Team modes and the ability to start acruade evolution when you develop youth players.
  • Improved gameplay for both those who love the game and to those who don’t, with motion, animation and detail improvements on pitch.
  • Enhanced New Player Experience gives more options for faster beginners.


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FIFA is the world’s leading sports videogame franchise, and this year you’ll have the chance to prove your skill and creativity on and off the pitch. Fifa 22 Crack Keygen will feature innovative gameplay for every player in every mode—as well as major improvements to the passing system in franchise play, an all-new sprint attack, and revolutionary Champions League gameplay.

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With FIFA 22 you’ll have never been more critical in the box, but also never been more creative on the pitch. No matter what position you play, the new Immovable Object system will allow you to use any defender’s positioning to your advantage. And the new custom tactics system will let you manage the flow of the match and intelligently match your tactics to the flow of the game.

With six-axis motion, enhanced full body movement, and a new sprint system, you’ll feel like a new player in more ways than ever before.

Pro Controller: The Official PlayStation® Game Controller Pro will be available in stores in time for the launch of FIFA 22. With an innovative design, this PlayStation® DualShock®4 controller features 32 additional rumble and tactile features.

Unlock the Complete Season of Official FIFA Moments

The biggest changes to FIFA gameplay in franchise mode will be seen when you choose the league and play mode you want. You’ll be able to choose the game type that’s right for you, whether you play online or offline, and can be the captain of your team, or lead your favorite club. Just how far can you go with the big clubs?

With Champions League gameplay, you’ll be able to start from the qualifying rounds, and compete for a coveted spot in the group stages, Knockout Round, or even the final. Here’s where it gets interesting. In the Champions League, there are three phases: the group stage, the knockout phase, and the final. Only the champion from each group moves on to the knockout phase. It’s best-of-three matches, with no away goals, so you’ll be trailing until the final whistle goes.

Finally, Fifa 20 has gone the distance with Europa League and Champions League playoffs. You’ll be able to take on opponents from the same league to decide who is going through to the next round. But make no mistake: that’s no cake


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Discover the next wave of superstars in FIFA Ultimate Team. Build your Ultimate Team by collecting real players, including new players from all 32 top leagues around the world, from every year since 1960. Put your squad on the field to dominate all the way from youth soccer to the pros.

Career Path – Develop your talent, bring out your best, and rise up to stardom in Career Mode with Career Path. With more ways to progress than ever before, you’ll have more career choices than ever before. Choose from training courses, enhance your player’s abilities through gameplay, or change your player to take on a completely new career.

Refresh Free Updates: You will receive a free update to FIFA 22 in the future.

For more information on the latest title updates, visit

“We’re excited to release FIFA 22 for mobile. We’ve been hard at work making FIFA so amazing on mobile. This year, we’ve more to show you than ever before,” said John Smedley, President of Electronic Arts Inc. “Our teams in Orlando and London are hard at work bringing you all the fun of the football game that you know and love on mobile.”

FIFA Mobile will be available globally in all regions, including app stores and prepaid card and mobile web stores.

FIFA Mobile is completely free to download and play. All content is free to download and play. There is no paid game play or micro transactions. You can play in Singleplayer, Online Seasons, Vs AI Seasons, Online Seasons, Quickplay.

FIFA Mobile Rewards:
FIFA Mobile Rewards is a never-ending game play service that awards players for increasing their FIFA Mobile profile. With events and rewards based on player’s skill level, time played and individual player acquisition, rewarded players will level up and evolve throughout their journey. After every 10 games played with a reward, players can be awarded one SkillPoint that can be used towards increasing their ability to unlock highly coveted players. These rewards are awarded based on each player’s league position, which can be increased through gameplay. Additional rewards include other SkillPoints that can be redeemed for in-game items such as new player packs, Ultimate Team packs, and kits.

FIFA Mobile is available globally in all regions, including app stores and prepaid card and mobile


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