Combining the expertise of the FIFA Development team and the motion capture players in the studio, creates a more authentic and exhilarating experience in all 32 teams.

For the first time in the FIFA series, players can seamlessly perform an array of cool, new and unique off-ball actions and execute any player skill in the match – even the most sophisticated ones, such as flicks, crosses, diagonals, lobs, and more!

The all-new Player Impact Engine (PIE) system enables players to physically interact with the ball and opponents, and receive feedback for their actions.

The new type of feedback is based on data acquired from real-life players during a match, in motion capture suits. With a natural, real-world feel, data is the new way to measure player control.

This feedback system allows players to instantly react to the ball even before it reaches them. When players successfully execute a skill, they’re rewarded with immediate feedback in the form of a small beep that plays during the next round.

Additionally, the player will hear in-game cheering for their score. When performing a goal-scoring move, players can hear loud cheers for their scoring when they achieve a goal, which the more successful the scoring goal, the louder the cheers.

When using the ball, players can hear different noises that guide them to specific skills to perform while dribbling. For example, the “Racing” skill will hear sounds when players running at high speed that encourage them to run at full speed and reach the goal.

Finally, players will hear soft, yet distinct whistles that can be used to create more ideas. For example, when a player executes a sliding tackle, the whistle for tackle will be more robust and directive in order for the player to hear it when it’s time to go in for the tackle.

Off-ball actions have been revised to be more realistic and successful. Before the implementation of “HyperMotion” this was a challenge in the game as players didn’t perform actions such as plays and dives correctly. Now the “HyperMotion” technology compensates for all of these imperfections.

In addition to new off-ball actions, players can pull off new types of passes that were previously impossible. “FIFA 22” will include an array of new passes with unpredictable angles and different trajectories. New types of passes will be seen


Features Key:

  • Completely new motion capture system brings every player to life with their individual portraits.
  • Train up and conduct your teams in your own Training Ground.
  • New Pass Mastermoves football even more!
  • First and foremost, FIFA 22’s Enhanced Presentation feels fresh with updated visuals and gameplay. The atmosphere of stadiums around the world has been enhanced with authentic details. Players are displayed in incredible immersion and strike realistic aerial attacks.
  • The Pre-Match Engine pits your team in a real-life stadium environment: the new Team Adrenaline meter lets you use the adrenaline of the crowd to execute wild, new moves.
  • Faceball is more accurate than ever, thanks to a new face-tracking system that analyses more than 30 frames per second and uses advanced texture capture to create the most realistic-feeling ball physics.
  • Come alive! Every pitch in FUT can be customized in time for the game. You can re-arrange the home and away sides of the stadium, create your own playing surface and even name the dugouts.”
  • We’ve reimagined virtual kits, giving players the ability to create and swap their own kit skins. Score a goal with a new goalkeeper kit, lead the line in stars and stripes, or dazzle the fans with your very own third kit.
  • New superstars from 21 different footballing nations and cities are on-hand.
  • Solo or Co-op, FIFA 22 lets you split the work or play with anyone else, online or offline. Share the pitch with your Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC friends.
  • Perform superhuman plays with Mastermind and the formation sprint button.
  • Go to a new level of on-field practice with full training and medal sessions.
  • FIFA 22’s Career Mode lets you live out your career in a new way. Manage an entire club, playing to the very top of your game.
  • The free celebration/goal celebration system lets players run and dribble their way around the stadium, and make the most of their fans’ excitement. Enjoy show-stopping supermen and step over your opponents mid-flight.
  • Play the best games in the


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    FIFA is the pinnacle of realistic sports simulation and the longest running football game series of all time.

    A complete world class international football experience, FIFA allows you to take on any team in any venue from anywhere in the world – live, online or on-demand.


    Live, On-Demand & Online

    The FIFA Ultimate Team Challenge and FIFA Live Mode features now let you play against players from across the world. Enjoy live, on-demand and video-on-demand (VOD) content created for FIFA Ultimate Team in addition to the large selection of gameplay content available to buy and sell.

    Level up and progress your FUT career online. Or compete offline with the offline career mode. See where you stand as a coach, player or player agent compared with all of the stars in the world. Connect with your friends or global community of players. Play daily and earn the chance to win Ultimate Team packs and earn real-world prizes.

    Simplified Control and Increased Movement

    You’re a master tactician, able to control game situations like never before. With the intuitive and responsive new control scheme, FIFA lets you play the way you want to play.

    Ai Revolution

    The AI Revolution allows for unparalleled tactics and anticipation for every single match. Players will now react to situations and developments in football that weren’t previously possible.

    Full 3D Player and Ball Physics

    All the players have been improved to be more responsive and balanced for top-level match-play.

    The ball is also smarter, more lively and more unpredictable. This is especially true in possession or off the ball.

    New Player Growth Engine

    With FIFA Ultimate Team, we’ve upgraded the growth and progression system. Now all players are unlocked with their own personal MyPLAYER card and can grow and level up with you.

    The game introduces a new curation system, where you can quickly see all players and archetypes by clicking on a club.

    New Pro Clubs Feature

    FIFA Ultimate Team is no longer just about collectible players. You can also collect, and play with, their player cards. You can assemble and compete with your own custom-made Pro Club.

    Varying Field Conditions

    Real World conditions are now reflected with realistic weather effects and varying field conditions.

    FIFA Futball Fever

    FIFA Futball Fever is a new mode that


    Fifa 22

    Discover a huge range of carefully crafted and authentic football cards, with over 2000 players and more than 100 authentic kits available, all brought to life in beautiful high definition 3D. Unlock dream cards as you play your way to becoming the ultimate FUT manager.

    The Journey game mode – Play your way to becoming the ultimate FIFA player. Join the FIFA Journey that enables you to dive into the game’s open-world environment and experience fan interaction, matches, tactics, and much more. There are 18 unique locales to explore as you play through a set of challenges.

    EA SPORTS Football Manager
    Expand your managerial career in a variety of settings, from the world’s biggest leagues to domestic titles. Manage your football club as you see your name up in lights.

    Enhanced Authenticity – On the pitch and in the stands, you can now truly feel the passion of football. The atmosphere will come to life as you play through all seven FIFA World Cups, realizing your club’s fan support and the impact of the crowd on the outcome of matches. The new crowds and celebrations in the stadium will react to the way you play, creating genuine visceral moments that bring the game to life.

    Nations – Choose to play international matches on your own FIFA Ultimate Team, where you can truly make the fans bleed green or red. Play with the nations of the world in World Cup Qualifiers, friendly matches, and even the UEFA Nations League.

    Story Mode – FIFA 22’s story mode feature up to 10 playable characters, like the gifted star striker and fearsome defender, ranked in order of power level. The narrative of FIFA 22 is split into many locations, letting you play as the best players on the planet as you make your way to become the greatest manager in the world.

    UEFA Champions League– Enjoy the Champions League and national league qualifications for the largest club competition in the world. You can manage all 12 qualifiers for a country in the Champions League or the UEFA Nations League and experience the thrill of the packed stadiums and excitement of the race for the biggest prizes in soccer.

    With new ways to connect and share the experience of football, the best clubs, players, and leagues now have the tools to interact and play with fans from the biggest clubs and leagues like never before.

    Social Hub – FIFA Football fans can now share the experience of football around the world with friends and fans around the globe, using the new Social


    What’s new:

    • Introducing genuine simulation – powered by EA SPORTS Frostbite, FIFA 22 makes the most realistic decisions using real-life footage from top-class footballers to deliver unrivalled authenticity.
    • New ‘FCF’ Engine powered by the Frostbite Game Engine is a massive breakthrough in engine technology that provides players with more immersive passing, shooting and free-kick creation.
    • Mesmerising visuals give an amazing ball experience in both 2D and 3D.
    • Top-class player likeness, realistic animations, new tricks and new control options for Pro Club Mode, plus a generational leap in Player Traits give more vivid gameplay.

      FIFA Ultimate Team.


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    FIFA is one of the world’s biggest sports brands. Play the way you want to play thanks to more than 700 players, authentic player likenesses and new ways to play.

    New Career Mode – Take control of your first football club or challenge players to a tournament; adjust tactics, create young players and get involved with the transfer market.

    The New Champions League – The Best League in the World is back this season with the Champions League. The new mode brings the excitement of the biggest club tournament to your game; start your new career in the lower leagues and progress through four divisions, from the bottom of a regional league up to the top of the international division.

    FIFA Ultimate Team – Play with the world’s best players with FIFA Ultimate Team™. Build the ultimate squad of real players, compete in authentic tournament mode or test yourself against the AI.

    Powered by Football – Watch, celebrate and share the greatest moments of the beautiful game in more ways than ever before, delivered through the power of EA SPORTS™ Frostbite™.

    The New Matchday Experience – Get real atmosphere and virtual emotion as you take control of your favourite player with First Touch Control. Attract crowds with stadiums that feel more alive and react to player interaction. Play a more expansive game with more players and new interaction markers.

    Play The Game You Love – EA SPORTS FIFA gives you the control to play in your own way. Customise and personalise your team and the game experience to reflect your style of play.

    Watch Videos – Interact with players and experience the game in different ways with myPLAYER Reveal, Replay Your Game with VTR and Watch Videos in Live Action.

    Play From Day One – All modes are available from the start, so there is never any waiting around for content.Q:

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    System Requirements For Fifa 22:

    Supported video cards:
    GTX 660-700
    Radeon HD 2000-2100
    Intel HD 4000 series
    NVIDIA GTX 500-600 series
    AMD R7 260-300 series
    AMD Radeon HD 2000 series
    Intel HD 3000 series
    Intel HD4000 series
    AMD R9 200 series
    AMD R5 400-500 series
    AMD HD7000 series
    Intel HD 3000-4000 series
    NVIDIA Geforce 9xxx-10xxx
    AMD Radeon 6000-7000 series
    Intel HD4000


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