“The more players on a pitch, the more complex the gameplay can be,” said Producer Steve Nicol. “We can’t do that on console, so it will give us the biggest, best pitch possible.”

The new motion capture suits for player tracking are designed to improve player movement, as well as deliver more advanced player and ball physics, more realistic reactions, the ability to walk over an entire pitch, and so much more. In addition, players can wear the new boots developed for FIFA 17, and FUT 18, which were designed to provide greater stability while moving quickly on the pitch.

FIFA 22 also introduces the ability to fully customize player appearances, from headwear to boots. It includes the new “Instant Attacking” feature which enables players to react more realistically to ball movements, as well as making dribbling more realistic and tactical. It also allows players to make more precise passes with greater control and precision, while maintaining more control in tight situations.

FIFA 22 will also feature “Total Player Power”—revolutionizing the most popular aspects of gameplay, including momentum, run-up, shooting, free kicks and set pieces. “Total Player Power” also extends the capabilities of the new Passing Intelligence system introduced in FIFA 17.

Moreover, FIFA 22 introduces a number of new attacking and defending formations including the H-Block formation and the Low-Block formation.

The E3 demo begins with Chelsea taking on Paris Saint-Germain, followed by a FIFA 22 Premier League Match.

“With the ball heading towards one of Europe’s premier stadiums, the action from Chelsea is more intense than ever,” said Nicol. “You’ll see players move more than ever, creating the most realistic matches of the last console generation, while simultaneously continuing to push the boundaries of the new engine architecture.”

“It’s been a very productive and enjoyable summer for us as we develop FIFA 22,” said President of EA SPORTS Mike Stock. “Producing the biggest and most complex console version of the FIFA game is a big challenge, but it’s a challenge we’re very excited to take on.”

The announcement trailer for FIFA 22 can be viewed here:


Features Key:

  • FIFA 22 is the first game on the new FIFA franchise to feature a new player development gameplay system.
  • Gameplay engine and performance improvements.
  • New Move the Piles feature, which allows users to send players to the sidelines.
  • Official players from 57 countries included in pack 1.
  • 15 official kits for the 11 teams included in pack 1.
  • New Players to choose from: Di Maria, Bale, Khedira, Modric, Nelson Semedo, Neymar, Pastore, Sturridge, Welbeck, Walcott, Scholes, Alli, and Cuadrado.
  • New Editor: Fly to face over any pitch and give your team-mates different tactical instructions (tap to pass, shoot, shoot, start, etc).
  • New Poreance options: change your Team Anthem, Sound FX, Reset camera, Porection, Fielding Choices, Button Layout.
  • 22 Full Games: 13 original, 9 historic + new – 12 WePlay, 2 Uplay
  • 28 International Matches: 12 Original, 16 Historic, 0 WOLF. (Fight Edition) plus 4 WOLF
  • Playable International Matches: 82 plus 3 WOLF
  • 28 International XIs: 21 Original, 7 Historic + 22 new – 1 WOLF
  • 19 International Ranks: 7 Original, 10 Historic + 2 WOLF
  • 19 Nifty Kits: 7 Original, 10 Historic + 2 WOLF
  • All 14 International Clubs Featured
  • All 7 Legends featured for all 23 Seasons
  • 4 Playable International Tours: all full historical sides from Spain, Argentina, Brazil and Germany.
  • World Cup 2018 included in 28 International Matches: 1 WOLF
  • Legacy Cup included in 28 International Matches.
  • Soccer Friends and Secrets
  • Share the game with friends over Facebook
  • Build an Ultimate Team from any of the 442 FUT stars.
  • Save time


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    FIFA is the world’s #1 sports game franchise and the #1 sports game brand of all time, with over 250 million copies sold. It is available on all leading console and handheld video game platforms including Xbox, PlayStation, Wii, Nintendo DS™, Nintendo 3DS™ and Nintendo Switch™.

    What is FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT)?

    FUT is the ultimate game mode in FIFA, allowing you to become the ultimate football manager – building a team from the ground up, discovering and developing talented FUT players, all while competing against your friends in leagues and cups. FUT is your opportunity to create your dream team, then test and improve them to win trophies, earn virtual coins and boost your player’s attributes.

    What is FIFA Ultimate Transactions?

    FIFA Ultimate Transactions allows you to purchase new players and make changes to your FUT team. You can also transfer your current players.

    How do I create a FUT team?

    Begin by customising your stadium. Select a pitch size and the colour of your stadium and choose your team’s kit, then spend virtual coins on acquiring more players and developing them. You can also use on-pitch skills like dribbling, shooting and passing to help your players increase their overall abilities. Buy new players with a point value from the player progression auction. To improve a player’s attributes you can spend training points on his attributes, research and agents.

    How do I play FIFA Ultimate Team?

    Start a League or Cup and then enter the FUT Manager (default control) mode to build your team. Pick a formation, starting XI and then select the bench to build a squad and assign players to positions in your team. If you’re feeling lucky, you can use the FUT Draft to build a team entirely from scratch.

    Where are the new gameplay features in FIFA?

    FIFA’s Academy means you can choose from over 200 FUT players to progress your Career Mode roster. The AI Manager will also react to your changes to your team and you can even change your goalkeeper!

    We have made fundamental changes to the Seasons, Camaraderie and AI System.

    FIFA’s diverse formations and gameplay styles will challenge you with a new variety of game modes and deeper connection to your players.

    FIFA’s diverse formations and gameplay styles will challenge you with a new variety of game modes and deeper connection to


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    FIFA Mobile –
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    I am trying to modify a pipeline


    What’s new in Fifa 22:

    • HyperRealistic Player Skin – Use real player motion data to animate your character during gameplay, movement data from 22 players simulated in real time. The game generates lighting, shadow, fog and reflections based on the player’s body motion as data is captured in-game.
    • “Player Positioning Data Live” detects the placement of the player in the geometry of the game by checking the position of foot placements or dead-ball situations. This helps create a more realistic match
    • A huge amount of “AI Opportunities” – like keeping track of forward passes and then attacking from higher up the pitch. This builds a continuum between controlled and reactive AI on one side and genuine all-out attack on the other
    • Real-time awareness of teammate skill
    • Lightning & Fog added for darker environments
    • Hundreds of aspects added to the commentators’ feedback to improve comedi
    • Perform high-intensity dribbles and shoot for headers
    • New user-definable interactive futsal gameplay support.
    • New psychological play options like mind game and press to attack.
    • Minor tweaks to overall gameplay mechanics.


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    FIFA is the award-winning, most popular sports video game franchise on earth, bringing to life the beautiful game like never before. With FIFA 21, EA SPORTS aims to evolve the authentic, unpredictable and compelling experience in the ultimate soccer simulator. More than 100 million fans around the world enjoy FIFA on a daily basis and its amazing brand of entertainment.

    Pre-order FIFA 22’s ‘Football Engine’ demo to experience the next-generation FIFA gameplay on all platforms.

    EA SPORTS™ FIFA 22 on Nintendo Switch™ gets you up close and personal with friends, rivals, and the game of soccer. Pick up a Nintendo Switch to play FIFA 22 on the go, giving you an even more immersive experience and taking you closer to the game than ever before.

    Play the game with FIFA Ultimate Team™ and the new FIFA Connected Experiences.

    You’ll be able to connect with FIFA 22 Ultimate Team™ players you play against or join in on the fun with FIFA Connected Experiences across the globe. Play matches with other FIFA Connected Fans, experience special activities in unique fan spaces around the globe and become immersed in the experience as the crowd sings along.

    FIFA 22 will be available on July 5 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch™, and STEAM™ for PC.


    • FIFA on Facebook.

    • Follow the best FIFA players on Instagram.

    • Subscribe to the FIFA YouTube channel.

    • Join the conversation on Twitter with #FIFA20 and #FIFA22.

    Key Features:

    • FIFA 20 Ultimate Edition brings together the features of FIFA 19 and FIFA 19 Ultimate Edition with FIFA 18 Ultimate Edition’s clubs, stadiums, and card updates plus the gameplay innovations of FIFA 17 and FIFA 18. This is the definitive edition of the top soccer simulation game experience of the past decade, a game that will keep the fans playing for years to come.

    • The all-new “Football Engine” brings the authentic, unpredictable and compelling experience of the game closer than ever before. The all-new High Definition Player AI, True Player Motion, high speed camera and cover-based 3rd person shooter camera focus on giving players an authentic-feeling experience in the beautiful game.

    • FIFA 20 brings the Ball Control system, including an expanded set of passing/throwing options, to the core FIFA experience. In addition to the existing independent ball control


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