Introduced during the FIFA 20 World Cup Festival Demo, the technology was never revealed by EA SPORTS. Instead, the studio chose to focus more on the features of the game.

HyperMotion Technology is a term the FIFA community have used as a way to describe elements of the gameplay where FIFA 22 looks much closer to real-life than in previous games.

After playing FIFA 20 World Cup Festival Demo with the technology it was clear the impact it has on the game, particularly with players’ motions. Whether it makes the players faster, more agile or just moves a lot smoother during gameplay is debatable, but it did have an impact during matches.

However, that’s not the only difference in the newer engine, which was showcased in the FIFA 20 World Cup Festival Demo. The first major change is the league system now shares the same number of leagues as in real life.

When covering the FIFA 20 World Cup Festival demo, I found the community were divided between those that liked what they saw, and those who weren’t so keen. There were many benchmarks that needed to be hit, but the first step of using the engine wasn’t successful.

EA Sports and GOAT Engineers have talked about how many improvements have been made to the engine, but based on my experience, I can’t see any real changes with this year’s game, but I’ll cover that later.

The big news in FIFA 22, though, is EA has released a gameplay-focused demo which allows people to play the game without worrying about unlocks and unlocks or having to play the demo at all.

If you want the gameplay demo, it’s the only way you’ll be able to play it, but by using it you will miss out on some of the features that the game will have, and you can’t fully appreciate the update until you’ve finished the game.

So how will EA’s FIFA gameplay engine improve?

In the FIFA 20 World Cup Festival Demo, there were a handful of gameplay improvements that made the experience more authentic.

The first time I played the game, I thought FIFA 20 played extremely well on the PlayStation 4, but it turned out to be rather choppy and glitchy. The sample that was there during the gameplay demo is much better and smoother than what I remember from the FIFA 20 World Cup Festival Demo


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • New Tackling System. The best new feature in FIFA 22 is the new tackling system. Playmaker passes you the ball and then you concentrate and start your run-up: if a tackle is successful, the player who dived is sent flying up into the air. The force of the contact and the airborne player’s reactions are randomized. In previous games, you ended up with predictable collisions – the biggest problems being the constant use of virtual tackles and standard reactions like “feet together”. While tackling is physical, the reactions must remain unpredictable, for the ball carrier is never a second more important than his on-ball outlet.
  • New physical intelligence: Take control of the ball with a brand new AI based on realistic ball physics. With the new “active ball control”, balls bounce and curve more naturally than ever in first-person football games.
  • New dribbling and shooting controls: FIFA 22 is the first title to place a realistic minimum clipping distance when you try to shoot or pass the ball. From then on, the shooter has to decide how close they want to shoot or pass the ball. Hit the ball with maximum intensity or shoot with a controlled, precise clip. The game will track your realistic paths and anticipate what you will do next, if it is not interfered with by an opponent. New passing controls: The new view distance increases from about 80% to 100% of a normal match. You can perform your pass from distance with more precision, as if you were observing the play at a distance.
  • Heroes: FIFA 22 introduces an all-new hero system, and clubs can now create their own players who receive a unique skillset in the form of new player behaviors that affect all of their skills. With the Classic Player Skin Editor, you can create and modify a variety of potential player appearances, and create your own custom player, including new game-orientated features for your foot. Training Mode includes a new Football IQ test.
  • FIFA Ultimate Team: Until now, Ultimate Teams had played like throwbacks to FIFA 97. With the MUT coins system, winning matches is more convenient than ever, as winning any MUT match now grants you the same number of coins that you would earn by winning in-game. With a new and improved “booter pool,” players have access to a global pool of players


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    Any tips on this game?

    Once the game first loads, you will need to play the story mode missions and feel the out-of-this-world experience that this game is all about.

    This game has, however, got things that can be improved upon, but don’t expect that FIFA will change all that much because it’s FIFA.

    How do I buy it?

    You can buy FIFA 20 from the PlayStation Store or from and other retailers.

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    The brand new revolutionary D-Pad opens up innovative ways to play and navigate the game, and the new camera system brings total player control back to the forefront, allowing for a more authentic player experience.

    The improved “Touch-inspired” gamepad controls deliver further precision when firing your shots, passing, dribbling and shooting as well as delivering natural feedback and emotion to trigger the impact of your play as you progress through the game.

    Optimised for the new PlayStation Camera, the Dual Shock 4 will capture your very moves for the first time in an FIFA game.

    The new FIFA 22 gamepad also features a “Quick-style” function which allows you to press ‘A’ on the pad to bring up your default control scheme straight away.

    The gamepad features a customisable ‘Player 2’ button which gives you even greater control when playing in the new Online Pass Thru feature, allowing you to share your on screen actions and goals with a friend through PlayStation Network.

    Finally, FIFA 22 for PlayStation 4 is easy to pick up and play and will provide the perfect way to enjoy fast-paced, fluid gameplay while pushing the boundaries of the new PlayStation Camera as it brings the innovative ‘Snapshot Mode’ to life.

    FIFA 20 is a standalone game and not a part of any season pass. You can download FIFA 20 for PlayStation 4 for Rs.250 in the PlayStation Store. For more information please click here.

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    What’s new in Fifa 22:

    • Take the reins of your own team in “FUT*” – a new way to play FIFA.
    • EA SPORTS FRESH STARTER PACKS – Choose your preferred start in the international game.
    • FIFA 22 now features new soundfx and music on pitch
    • New rewards for Skill Games and leaderboards for high scorers.
    • FIFA Ultimate Team is relaunched with a new user interface and a new progression system.
    • New demo for FIFA Ultimate Team: Mobile Champions.


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    EA SPORTS FIFA is one of the leading sports game franchises in the world, widely recognized for innovation and setting the pace in sports games with its authentic and fun gameplay.

    This year, a new level of fun awaits with FIFA 22, as the iconic game returns to the pitch where the world of football truly comes to life.


    New to the series? Prefer to get right into the action? We’ve got you covered. FIFA 19’s Novice Mode will give you the chance to easily play through matches with realistic rules and gameplay. From junior teams to university matches, play with your mates or against the AI, and have fun as you level up and unlock new players.


    Jump into the game as an expert, and play the most realistic FIFA game yet. Use the unlimited Practice Mode to sharpen your skills before making the jump to real life. Prepare for real challenges with timed games and goals, including Quarter-Finals, Semi-Finals and Finals.


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    EA SPORTS FIFA 22 introduces more than 300 brand new features, focusing on core gameplay mechanics to make a totally fresh FIFA experience, particularly around the off-ball movement and player intelligence.

    Simultaneously improve your on-ball and off-ball tactics with Player Instincts that learn and grow from your decisions, and adapt dynamically during a match.

    The deep FIFA Soccer brain enables an intelligent AI that makes smarter decisions around a player’s positioning, knowing their tendencies and their role in the game.

    Dynamic Brand New AI. More intelligent, more unpredictable, more challenging to play against.

    Improved Off-Ball Movement. With a brand new, accurate engine, you’ll now be able to make the most of open space created by off-ball movement with dribbling, through balls, overl


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