The introduction of all-new “XG Boost” will also be highlighted in the FIFA community. FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) will now be able to unlock more squads than ever. Teams will now be able to take advantage of better training formations. FUT will feature new and intuitive user interfaces and visual enhancements.

New Scouting Reports: PES 2018 comes with several improvements in terms of the transfer process, with scouting reports now relying on statistics and data analysis to complement the human knowledge. These reports can be seen in Training, Friendlies and International match.

New Seasons: a new addition to this year’s PES. Players will now be able to choose the season they play in as from the start of the game.

New Adrenaline Boost: players will now have more animations, more counters and more attacks.

The game will also introduce “Lock-down” mode, which will give players the chance to adapt their team according to specific game situations.

Player Icons: the icons in the player cards will change according to the teams and leagues in which the player is playing.

New Seasons Mode: the new Seasons mode will allow the user to change the season of the game in which they are playing.

New System: this will be introduced in this year’s PES. “Controllers” will now be able to unlock new playable characters.

New Quarterbacks: PES 2018 will feature 11 new playable quarterbacks. They will be the new leaders in the transition passing categories, presenting a new level of difficulty in controlling the quarterback position.

New Target Attack: the ball will be able to cross the line of a player’s position as a result of it being hit by a player or player’s pass.

New Training: the user interface will be improved and the training will be more intuitive and fun to perform.

New Technical Moves: the new technical moves that have been introduced in the most recent PES titles will now be playable in this new version of the game.

New Tackling System: PES 2018 introduces a new tackling system, which will simulate the behavior of the player as they run with the ball. The player will now be able to use tackles to slow down the dribbler or block passes.

New Running Skills: the speed and decision making of players will be improved in this year’s PES.

New Gameplay:


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Beautiful imagery – FUT has been built from the ground up to share the beautiful game in a completely new way. The game explores the careers of the world’s best players, on and off the pitch, with full 3D-models from real-world players and exclusive new interactive goals and goal celebrations.
  • World’s best players. – Every part of FUT22 is home to the best footballers in the world. From the real stadiums, through to the players and their skills, the game pulls together their DNA to create new ways of playing football. All-new skills are yours to use, including myClub, the all-new live training and takversities.
  • Progression and progression. – From the 20’s to the 90’s, create the most educated soccer player in the world, unlock and fully unlock as many trophies you want to take home, develop your talent and ability, and climb the ranks to the very top of the game. Play as yourself or your favorite team, from new additions of Neymar, Ronaldo, Messi and MiLO all the way back to the 1950’s! More identity kits and player faces are included


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FIFA is football in its purest form. Every aspect of football from skill moves, tricks and tricks, to passing, shooting, scoring and the sheer emotion of the match is in FIFA. Try playing FIFA on the hardest difficulty possible and unlock all the achievements!

5 Key Features at Launch

> Special Attack Likeness (FIFA 20)

> Enhanced Trajectories

> Precise Player Movement

> More Player Autonomy

> Improved Skill Moves


Capture the Move of Your Dreams

Watch your player’s movement become even more life-like and intuitive thanks to enhanced physics, better animations and the addition of accelerometers for player movement to the game.

Take Advantage of Your Decision Making

Making a huge impact on game play and achieving success with your decisions is not just about strategic moves. Improve your decision-making skills in FIFA to spot opportunities, set up your teammates and score killer goals.

A New Era of Skill Moves

Become the Ultimate Soccer Manager in 2017. Master FIFA’s high-octane skill moves and take over entire games with your team’s unique brand of soccer.

AI Friendlies

Head-to-Head matches in which you control the players and Managers of an all-star team. The matches use a 3v3 setup with 8 min halves.

1 Game Mode

Take on the opponents of your favorite professional club in Career Mode. Create your own Manager and control his club in a series of matches.

Social Features

Compete with friends and enjoy the social features of FIFA. With Over 30 million active players, FIFA’s huge social community is all about competition and connecting people.

Dynamic Moments

Experience football moments from real football matches in Dynamic Moments. Access this feature through the Game Guide and look forward to Football Moments that take your team through some of the best real-world scenarios of the 2017 FIFA World Cup™.

What’s new?


FIFA 22 brings a completely new team ownership system to manage your squad better than ever. Now managers can train and manage the whole squad and quickly make changes.

FIFA 22 introduces the highly-anticipated FIFA 1.0 Upgrade! This major feature upgrade gives you more control over the entire team roster, ability to transfer, as well as the introduction of User


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Signing players and taking them into your squad to unlock new attributes and play styles is a cornerstone of the Ultimate Team mode.

All-Star Mode – Play as your favorite player in the game’s all-new All-Star Mode.

New features include 5 new stadiums to play in (and by playing in a stadium you can earn coins that can be used to unlock things in the game)

Be it Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, Alphonse Shei or any other star, the professional best FIFA 22 players can face off in their own all-star game.

In FUT, the matchmaking algorithm is extended to ensure that the game offers opportunities to play against players of similar skill.

Club World Cup – At the Club World Cup, you will be able to represent your club in the Club World Cup either alongside or against all the other teams in the world. The FIFA Football Club will release on all major platforms.

16 different Club World Cup modes, including a new Challenge mode – play one match and try to beat the previous score set by your opponent. The EGL Champions League will be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

New single-player storylines, featuring new faces, such as Luis Suarez, who will be fighting for Club World Cup glory with the Barcelona FC.

Cross-platform play between all the platforms.

The Bundesliga will come to your living room, with a unique implementation of the FIFA Ultimate Team mode – represent your club in a new All-Star mode, and do battle in the Club World Cup.

All-Stars vs. legends – a brand new mode that will pit the greatest players in FIFA history against some of the greatest players in the game, including the likes of Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar and others.

FIFA is the best-selling sports video game franchise of all time. With the FIFA franchise, Electronic Arts (EA) is the largest sports video game publisher in the world. Known for blockbuster hits, FIFA games have sold over 260 million copies worldwide across all platforms.

Important note for those who purchased the FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2017 Edition:

The FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2017 Edition will be available on September 11, 2017, for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One only.

In celebration of 20 years of the FIFA franchise, the FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2017 Edition will feature all 32 teams from the tournament in


What’s new in Fifa 22:

  • Everything is bigger and better. The more you play FIFA, the more your game looks and sounds like the real thing. The new engine lets you see the chemistry and connection on pitch and it looks incredible. Designed from the pitch up, this is FIFA at its very best.
  • You will notice changes in lighting, atmosphere, and crowd – all designed to enhance the experience in stadium. From bulletholes on the players’ shirts, chestnuts being rooted in the stands and genuine supporter chants, the atmosphere is always delivering big.
  • The ball feels and looks dramatically different, reacting more to your actions making every challenge a more immersive experience. Where previous titles had certain characteristics (e.g. wet surface, velcro-net controls, etc.), FIFA 22 has further evolved these and many other important elements.
  • New dribbling system from Laudrup notes added. You will feel closer to this type of play from close control.
  • Automatic goal celebrations. No longer is this a chore – you will flambé a couple of FIFA World Cup themed fireworks
  • Ground showing improves and is now in the dugout – All 3D graphics on the pitch are powered by new ground-making tools.
  • New player animations including tracking of ball while the player is in control.
  • The new defensive AI is both intelligent and more involved and faithful. Inflection deceleration which model the movements of opponents, so you’re protected from even the fastest runs to simply staying on top of the opposition’s movements on pitch.
  • The goalie can now direct his teammates to cut off the ball entering into the penalty area.
  • Players now work hard to improve their level of performance. Goals, long balls, dribbling, shooting, crosses and interceptions are now connected to earn You will pay for failing to improve.


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FIFA on consoles, PC and mobile around the world is the world’s #1 football game. For the 20th FIFA anniversay, we’re looking back at the evolution of the series, and how it’s the best football game around.

20 Years of FIFA

The first edition of the game was released in August of 1996. The year has been celebrated in its own special way through a series of in-game events across the franchise.


On August 30th, 2019, celebrate the 20th birthday of FIFA on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC with 20 different in-game events. Available in both a free and paid-for version, players can unlock in-game content for FIFA 20.

Gameloft was the first to jump on board the Switch with FIFA 18, with all of its gameplay enhancements, and downloadable content releases over three months after the console’s launch. Three years later, FIFA 18 was available for all other gaming platforms.

In March of 2016, Sony PlayStation VR was finally introduced. FIFA VR arrived six months later, and launched across PS4, PlayStation VR and PC.

FIFA Soccer is the global phenomenon that not only sells all time best-selling sports game, but also sports together more than 1.5 billion games in all regions.

The history of EA SPORTS FIFA

When EA SPORTS created its own branch of sports gaming in 1994, it wasn’t because it thought it could do better than sports games already on the market. Instead, they knew that they could take what was good about sports games and create something even better.

The first edition of EA SPORTS FIFA, in September of 1994, improved on the simple power-meter action of the Atari version and FIFA was born.

From there, FIFA set out on a mission to become the ultimate football game. They would improve every aspect of the game, improving the gameplay, visuals, audio and more, and be as close to real-world gameplay as possible.

With their goal set in place, EA SPORTS FIFA helped to redefine the sports genre in the years that followed, with its first entry helping to create the template for all sports games that have come after.

Collectible items

EA has always been a leader in the world of collectible items, so it’s not surprising to learn that this tradition continues with FIFA.



How To Install and Crack Fifa 22:

  • Download FIFA 22 from here
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System Requirements For Fifa 22:

Windows 10 or above, 64bit (or equivalent)
OS X 10.8 or above, 64bit (or equivalent)
40GB free space
Graphic card with 3D support
Install Notes:
Always up-to-date your drivers and follow the manual installation procedure.
Legal Information:
Any resemblance to actual names, places, or organizations is entirely unintentional and not intended to infringe upon the rights of any entity and/or individual.
Music in this mod is not included.


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