“Fans of the FIFA series will be able to experience matches like never before,” said Matthew Tinkler, executive producer of FIFA and vice president of EA Sports. “FIFA 22 will include the biggest content update for the series with HyperMotion Technology, new faces and improved visuals, all wrapped up in an authentic, more responsive and tactile gameplay experience.”

HyperMotion Technology captures actual player movements from a 22-match match including all competitions for the 2015-16 season.

The introductory video showing the capabilities of HyperMotion Technology begins with a close-up of feet, and then a “4 v 4” football match is shown with real-life performances from the 2005 FIFA World Youth Championship, as well as the 2015-16 FIFA season.

The video shows that real-life player movements are recorded in game in addition to the real-life teams in motion, including the real-life backs and midfielders running up the pitch in addition to the real-life forwards.

The video also includes other capabilities of HyperMotion Technology including:

Enhanced physics with ball control, accelerated player movement, and more advanced ball movement behaviors (“precision passing”, etc.).

New animations for specific actions such as a player diving to win a ball.

More realistic collisions and player animations within the gameplay.

Ball physics and specific collisions in other areas of the gameplay.

Improved ball movements: more responsive, faster and more realistic.

New player likeness, facial expressions and sound for all 22 players and team mascots.

Improved official shirt design and new official kit.

Since the inclusion of real player likeness in FIFA, many players of varying sizes and proportion have been created in the game.

FIFA 22 will be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on August 29.

FIFA is the world’s most popular sports videogame franchise, boasting several of the most popular videogame sports franchises in history, including FIFA, FIFA Street, and FIFA 13. The FIFA franchise has generated more than $1.2 billion in revenue since its launch in September 1992.

The FIFA series has sold over 200 million units globally, according to IDC, and has won multiple awards for gameplay, innovation, and franchise success. FIFA is a registered trademark of Electronic Arts, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries.

About Electronic Arts Electronic Arts, headquartered in Redwood


Features Key:

  • Choice of gameplay modes, including Player Career mode.
  • One of the deepest and most responsive gameplay experiences yet.
  • Enhanced offline gameplay, as well as online play.
  • Domestic and European leagues, national team seasons and tournaments.
  • Reach Pro and improve your team with the Ultimate Team feature.
  • Journey on the roads less travelled with Pass & Move.
  • Over 50 leagues and tournaments available, including the World Club Cup.
  • Choose from over 300 international teams, with over 250 updated kits, boots and ball.


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Rediscover what made FIFA the world’s most popular football game, including celebration moves, ball control, movement, and teamwork.

Master your players with new passing, shooting, and positioning tools, and develop the next wave of footballing superstars.

Football-lite. Technology-led football.

FIFA is built around 5 key gameplay elements:

* Pro Player Power – the authentic version of dribbling, heading, and shooting with over 170 pro-level skills.

* Football Dynamics – a faster, smarter, and more physical version of real-life football, with decisions made instantly during every challenge.

* Player Intelligence – each and every player responds to real-time game conditions, whether it’s a high or low pressure moment, or a high or low ball speed.

* Player Evaluation and Decision Making – save millions of hours of CPU football watching by making the right call at the right time, and avoid costly mistakes with the correct decision-making system.

* Dynamic Elements – everything changes, everything evolves, with more creation and more freedom for players, teams, and managers.

Create your own team of footballers, and control them from your fingertips. Train them, feed them, manage their hunger and their hunger alone as you work towards a championship.

Play by yourself, or take part in a single-match, multi-match, cup, or league season. Or create your own challenges and set your own rules in Story Mode. Whatever you want, whatever you desire, you can make it happen in FIFA.

Our game features and gameplay innovations are the result of four years of game-changing innovation from some of the world’s top sports game developers – FIFA, the FIFA community, and our partners.

#1 FIFA fan base

When you match our 10 million monthly Active Users with our 95 million registered users, and the millions of players worldwide who have played our game, you have over 100 million reasons to pick up FIFA 22 this year.

FIFA is the game of choice for footballers, coaches, and managers everywhere. Our fans are the best and our community the largest.

#1 Mobile market

Today, mobile is the most important medium for FIFA fans. In fact, the mobile audience for our flagship game is larger than the desktop audience, despite the fact that we have no mobile licenses.


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FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) brings the joy and excitement of collecting, developing and competing with over 700 players in the world of football, putting the control of your club into your hands. FIFA Ultimate Team delivers an exciting and rewarding experience, with items that will help you build the ultimate team and compete in a balanced way. With over 700 players, 2,000 kits, 2,000 unique player images, 5,000 squads to choose from, and more than 10,000 items, FIFA Ultimate Team delivers unparalleled authenticity in football.

Over 30 Premier League leagues in Europe, 2 Bundesliga, and 1 Super Cup to play in
Over 50 league cups in Europe to compete in
With over 100 real-life leagues and clubs to take over
Over 1,400 unique kits to wear
Over 30 stadiums to watch the action in
Over 50 real-life clubs to play in, including Barcelona, Bayern Munich, and Juventus
More than 10,000 club-specific items to unlock, including player-unique boots, eye black, and more
Over 50 real-world players in the game, including Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, and more
More than 100 true-to-life player animations
Over 35 authentic players in your squad with unique attributes and abilities, including a host of licensed superstars
More than 100 goal animations
Over 20 authentic stadiums for you to watch the game in
More than 30 authentic stadiums for your opponents to watch the game in
More than 40 authentic play calling systems
Over 20 authentic play-by-play systems that are true to the commentators and play-by-play teams used in real life

Soccer Manager Pro – World rankings, results and league tables, in-depth squad and player analysis, expandable in-game database and extensive reporting system
Unparalleled simulation, with detailed graphics, realistic crowds and noises, lighting and weather effects.
Multiple ways to play, from short sequences to complete matches
Supports a maximum of 2,500 players
20+ authentic training sessions, with 2,000+ pre-recorded drills
Tackle match conditions ranging from snow to summer sun
Pre-match sequences to optimize your squad and tactics
New elements based on Italian Serie A include a winter transfer window, Italian Super Cup, Italy FIFA and International Cup of Nations qualifications, as well as national team call-ups for players
Season mode – play any of the 31 official leagues throughout the world in a full-featured football league
Play-off mode –


What’s new in Fifa 22:

  • FUT Card Collection – Trade cards with players to help your team progress. Watch your card collection grow each season.
  • My Player – Broaden your MUT career to its next level by creating your all-new player, then create your new kits and style your stadium. Show off your character to the world and make your player look like you.
  • Set Piece – Take charge when your team is getting the ball back. Show your players how to build your attack from set piece kicks.
  • Adaptive Defending – Tackle pressure from the front of the defence, intelligently start tackles to gate out defensive runs, and feature the versatility and sophistication of intelligent tackling that allows you to make the right decision.
  • Relearning the Earth – Using the new simulation features, this new game engine enables players to experience the planet, including the bends and turns of the first FIFA to play in a fully global environment.
  • Gran Turismo – the inclusion of a new control configuration option: a quick-fire facing option, which enables players to easily ‘swap over’ to face the attacking team.
  • New weather conditions – Rain, snow, wind, and fog. Local weather systems both in and around stadiums have been updated, providing for a more authentic multiplayer experience.
  • Unified Attack – Now, in addition to players, all of the AI controlled team’s players also make decisions based on the style and role of the team, when to press and hold, and cover for each other. This creates a more dynamic and unpredictable match-up.
  • FC Barcelona – The most comprehensive club squad yet, include over 100 original players using bloodlines, and include new traits, appearances, hairstyles, and kits.


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With the inaugural season of the award-winning FIFA video game franchise underway, FIFA is all about world-class athletes fighting for on-pitch glory on the world’s biggest stages. Each season brings a fresh global crop of playable international players, squads and competitions, providing fans the opportunity to battle it out on the field and compete for FUT Pro Team Credits.

FIFA 17 | Maxed Out

Welcome to a new era of football simulation, where fans can experience the sensation of tackling, dribbling, and sprinting across the pitch like never before. Created by the development team at EA Canada, FIFA 17 places an unprecedented emphasis on player intelligence to deliver an authentic simulation of the beautiful game.

With an expanded set of game modes, improved gameplay responsiveness, and stunning graphics, FIFA 17 is primed to take you closer to the thrill of the pitch than ever before. Experience an all-new control scheme and ball physics, plus a brand new boot-up motion system that helps unleash the tricks of the world’s top players.

This fall FIFA welcomes in a new World Cup competition, featuring 24 leagues and more than 1,700 globally licensed players, all vying for the chance to win the ultimate prize: FIFA World Cup glory. You’ll also find expanded Club World Cup play for the Champions League and Europa League, innovative new Playoffs competitions, plus the option to select between 3D and 2D view.

(For a full listing of what’s new in FIFA 17, go here)

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There’s no better place than the greatest show on earth for FIFA fans to put their football tactics and skills to the ultimate test. With FIFA 18, in the midst of its third season, the official video game of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, enter the world of authentic and realistic football with upgraded game engine technology.

EA SPORTS FIFA 18 builds on the core gameplay features introduced in FIFA 17, and includes a brand-new formation system, refined mechanics, and a brand-new tackling system that better captures the unpredictability of football. With a variety of game modes and official competitions, FIFA 18 has more to offer than ever before, including expansive new game modes in Ultimate Team, FUT Champions, and FIFA Ultimate Team Draft.

(For a full listing of what’s new in FIFA 18, go here)

FIFA 19 | Maxed Out

The 19th anniversary edition of EA SPORTS FIFA brings the game to a whole new generation


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