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A Kentucky man has been sentenced to one year in jail for stealing his wife’s identity and beating her in a jealous rage in 2011.

Robert Knight, who also goes by the name Robert Saine, was one of a number of people arrested on Tuesday.

He was one of a number of Kentucky men arrested and charged in connection with stealing identities of others.

Saines, 30, was also charged with domestic violence and theft, and was sentenced to one year in jail.

“I’m assuming this is a fairly significant sentence compared to any sentences,” William Wilkins, a spokesman for the Frankfort prosecutor’s office, told the BBC.

“There was a lot of evidence connecting a number of defendants. This does appear to be an isolated, however, we’ll leave it up to the court to decide. It will be determined by the judge.”

Judge Bryan Carman imposed the sentence on Knight, who admitted stealing his wife’s identity and attacking her with a baseball bat while trying to take the car she had been driving.

The couple were married in Kentucky, in 2007 and Mr Knight had a child with his wife who was born in June 2011.

He said the car belonged to his wife, but was going to be sold to a car dealer. She did not give him permission to take it.

He took her identity and sought insurance payments on her car.

The judge said the attack took place in front of the girl and her siblings, and he had a number of issues with alcohol and drug abuse.

‘Pretty stupid’

The judge ordered a mandatory two year driver’s license revocation for the couple, who will also have to do 20 hours of community service.

“I would call it pretty stupid, the way that you took over her identity, sir,” the judge said.

“You filed a fraudulent

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