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Why did Tagir Vale fall down?

In The Priscilla Chronicles, everything that is related to the fall of Tagir Vale has been removed. Why was this village destroyed and its inhabitants obliterated?


All the information we know is that the city was destroyed by a Lumi family, the son of Danmagor looking for his father’s killer. According to Teliverei:

The Lumi which became known as the House of Tares, long ago sent out a spy to seek out the remaining tagir and eliminate them, however he happened to make a hole in one of the towers which had extensive sorcery in it. A female tagir, named Ashrem, was killed at the time. The spy eventually tried to take the lead from the male tagir before they could get close to the tower, but was killed, leaving the male tagir on top of the tower.

The male tagir somehow summoned what seemed to be an enormous, powerful beast in the night. Apparently, this creature didn’t have a name, but referred to it as “The Grandfather”.
This beast was immune to all magic, and due to the tower being in its way, the male tagir was killed, plunging the city and the surrounding areas into ruin. In the aftermath, Ashrem’s body was found, as well as the spy’s body. Ashrem is said to have been a beautiful woman, so the adult male tagir must have been a very dominant, and probably handsome, person.
In the end, the city was destroyed because of the adult male tagir, and the bad elements of the society, forced to flee. In addition, a few of the people were killed by the aforementioned beast, or killed themselves to avoid its wrath.
This is all that is known, because no further information


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