It’s that time of the year when spring cleaning and home improvement is on the menu – meaning that it’s time to check your home appliances and do some upgrades. For the year ahead, EZVIZ, the global leading smart home company, has the right products for your selection from spring home cleaning, family outdoor gatherings, to home security and visitor management.

Dedicated to improving everyday life and making high-tech solutions widely available, EZVIZ has a massive portfolio of smart home products. Here are our top picks of premium products available right now.


Best for home cleaning: EZVIZ RH1 Smart Cordless Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

EZVIZ RH1 Vacuum Cleaner


You’ll want to keep a clean home throughout 2023, and the RH1 is built for precisely that purpose. Without a cord getting in the way, this powerful vacuum cleaner can take care of large surfaces with ease. In fact, it will tidy up 200 square meters on a single charge.

The device is designed to perform self-cleaning and even dry the brush afterwards for the ultimate anti-bacterial effect. With more efficient cleaning and less time spent on chores, the RH1 will be just the gadget to free up more time for the things in your life that matter the most.

EZVIZ is going to launch an upgraded version RH2 in 2023 Spring, providing next-level cleaning and sterilization compared to competitors at the same price point. Enhanced functions include electrolyzed water and Ozone sterilization, an LED light for dust visibility, larger water tanks, and more.

Best for spring camping: EZVIZ Power Station and Solar Panel

EZVIZ PS600 Portable Power Station


As the spring slowly starts to come into focus, urges to get back outside with the whole family become the priority for every outdoor enthusiast. If you know you are not able to access the grid to charge camping appliances to enhance family members’ outdoor experience, look no more than EZVIZ PS300 Portable Power Station.

It is lightweight to be carried on any road trip but powerful enough to provide green energy non-stop when working with EZVIZ PSP100 solar panel. Doubled as an electricity provider during blackouts, the power station could also be used for essential devices like routers, phones, laptops, and even TV.

EZVIZ now has two versions of power stations, namely PS300 and PS600 with different battery capacities. In the near future, it will launch a larger power station to satisfy an extensive need for off-the-grid energy.

Best for parents: EZVIZ BM1 Battery Baby Monitor

EZVIZ BM1 Baby Monitor


The BM1 represents a fantastic solution for parents who want to keep an eye on their small ones. This baby monitor is compact, battery-powered, and completely portable. It has a silicon covering made of child-safe materials, making it suitable for baby cribs.

The monitor has advanced features that make baby care easier. For instance, the device can detect motion and sound within a selected zone, immediately notifying the parents if their little one is in distress. Better yet, the BM1 allows the parents to talk to the infant directly. And if neither parent can get to the baby right away, the monitor can be programmed to play some soothing sounds in the meantime.

Best for front door convenience: EZVIZ DB2 Battery-Powered Video Doorbell Kit

EZVIZ DB2 Battery-Powered Video Doorbell


With the award-winning DB2, answering the front door becomes as convenient as possible. The doorbell kit installs easily and doesn’t require wiring, drilling, or any other adjustments. The smart doorbell features a 2K camera with a field of view of impressive 176 degrees. In addition, the device features advanced options like human motion detection, infrared, night vision, and a voice changer.

Intercom upgrades don’t get much better than the DB2. Completely reliant on wireless technology, this doorbell kit will present a significant quality-of-life boost to every home.

Best for outdoor home security: EZVIZ eLife 2K+ (BC1C 2K+) Battery Camera and Solar Panel Kit

EZVIZ eLife(BC1C) Battery-Powered Camera


When you are enjoying outdoor activities with your family, the last thing you want is to leave your home easy to be broken into. And the EZVIZ eLife can take care of that for you. It is a high-tech solution that doesn’t require expertise or advanced knowledge. This exterior camera provides everything the home might need in a single package. Designed for outdoor use, the camera only needs a single charge for up to 210 days of seamless monitoring.

The device is equipped with the latest technology and features like human motion detection and colour night vision. Best of all, it’s designed for straightforward use, so even first-time home security camera owners can set up the camera without issues.

Where to buy

Moving forward through 2023, EZVIZ continues to offer premium solutions to customers worldwide. With industry-leading products and more than competitive prices, you’ll undoubtedly find the right gadgets for your abode.

Even better, EZVIZ rewards customers with various seasonal discounts throughout the year. Be sure to check all the deals at the official EZVIZ UK Online Store and the EZVIZ UK Amazon page.

If you want to go through 2023 with a smarter home, the selection of EZVIZ products will be precisely what you need. Practical, stylish, and ultimately reliable, EZVIZ tech solutions will ensure a safer and more comfortable year ahead. And if you want to make the most of it, keep an eye on special deals in 2023.