Get inspiration for Indian wedding bridal wear in the United States.

The centre of attention at any Indian wedding is the bridal lehenga, a beautifully crafted traditional dress representing purity, beauty, and elegance. Indian American brides may find it difficult to select the perfect wedding lehenga due to the wide range of styles, patterns, and materials available. The bride’s beauty, the mood of the wedding, and the variety of Indian design may all be emphasised with the right bridal lehenga. In this blog article, we’ll look at some of the popular bridal lehenga trends that are popular in Indian weddings in the USA. Whether you like fashion or not, keep reading to find out about the newest bridal lehenga trends that will be noticed at your forthcoming wedding.

Why are wedding lehengas so well-known in the USA?

Lehengas, or traditional Indian wedding apparel, have gained popularity in the United States for a variety of reasons.

First, due to the US’s expanding variety and globalisation, more and more individuals are getting familiar with various cultures and customs, such as Indian weddings and attire. Because of this, many Americans now recognise the beauty and grace of Indian bridal wear like lehengas.

Second, Bollywood actors frequently dress elegantly in lehengas for events and their films, and Bollywood films are highly popular in the US. Lehengas and other traditional Indian apparel have thus gained increased popularity among American viewers. Last but not least, many South Asian and Indian Americans continue to observe their cultural traditions by dressing in lehengas for weddings and other ceremonial occasions. This also contributed to wedding lehengas in the US becoming more popular.

Thanks to cultural exposure, Bollywood influence, and South Asian American traditions, bridal lehengas have gained popularity in the US.

Frequently worn lehengas by American brides from India

1. Conventional lehengas for brides

Traditional Indian wedding attire includes crimson and gold lehengas with intricate embroidery and zari work. Red is considered lucky in Indian culture and stands for fertility, passion, and love. Gold, on the other hand, represents achievement and good fortune. Lehengas look grand and sumptuous in these two colours, making them perfect for a traditional Indian wedding. The intricate designs used in the lehenga’s embroidered and Zari work, many of which are inspired by Indian art and architecture, provide a sense of elegance and beauty. Aari, chikankari, and zardozi needlework are also widely used. Paisley, floral, and geometric themes are just a few of the patterns and styles that may be employed for these decorations. Pick a shade that complements your skin tone and the general colour scheme of the celebration to select the perfect lehenga for an Indian wedding. The first choice you should think about if you wish to go for a stunning and bright appearance is a red wedding lehenga. Choose a gold wedding lehenga if you want to seem regal since gold is a hue that will do this.

2. For a fusion wedding, fusion lehengas are the solution.

Do you intend to marry in a fusion ceremony? Then it only makes sense to respect and meld your two cultures. Your wedding should be a unique and imaginative representation of your cultural background as well as your personality. When it comes to fusion weddings, there are several lehengas styles that blend conventional and contemporary elements that might complement the entire wedding theme. The refinement of Indian culture is embodied in the finest lehengas for fusion weddings. The perfect lehengas for fusion weddings capture the elegance of Indian culture while also being fashionable enough to suit Western tastes. Indo-western lehengas mix traditional Indian materials, needlework, and patterns with Western forms and cuts. Lehengas with a crop top, a jacket, a dhoti, a cloak, etc. are a few examples.

If you desire a flowing silhouette, capes or long coats are ideal options. Crop shirts are a stylish choice for subtly showing your stomach. Are you sick of the flaring shapes of conventional wedding lehengas online? Choose dhoti lehengas to help you seem slimmer. You may experiment with various Indo-western styles as this will be your day and whatever you pick is what important; however, make sure to take your degree of comfort into account.

3. Getting married on the beach? Save the day with pastel lehengas

A beach wedding is a unique and exciting way to spend your big day. Georgette, chiffon and crepe are examples of light fabrics that work well for the designer’s bridal lehengas. They are ideal for hot, steamy weather because of their warm, light fibres. Blends of cotton, linen, and silk are among several materials that are equally light and airy.

Pastel hues are perfect for a beach wedding since they mix well with the relaxed and serene environment. Next, pick colours like baby pink, peach, mint green, lavender, sky blue, and lavender. These colours look lovely against the lake and sand and are both relaxing and energising to the eyes.

Then, choose a lehenga with a flowing silhouette so you can move fast while admiring the seaside environment. You may attain the perfect balance of comfort and style by donning a lehenga with a flared skirt, a simple choli, and a lightweight dupatta. You may also wear a crop top with a high-waisted skirt or a halter-neck blouse with a flowing skirt.

When it’s hot outside, stay away from heavy decorations like dense embroidery, sequins, and stones. Instead, choose subtle decorations like beads, lacework, and delicate stitching that offer a sense of sophistication to your outfit without being overpowering. Flat sandals or jutties are comfortable to wear on the sand at the beach, making them suitable choices for footwear.

4. Simple bridal attire for outside weddings

Weddings held outside are a lovely way to celebrate the union of two people with nature. The majority of our suggestions for picking the best bridal lehenga for beach weddings apply here as well: light fabrics, a few embellishments, and soft/pastel hues. If the wedding takes place in the winter, the option of velvet lehengas or other heavier materials is available. This is why you must take the weather, location, and comfort into account while selecting your bridal lehenga. If plants are present in your location, for instance, you could choose to wear a lehenga featuring floral embroidery or patterns.

5. Expensive materials for inside weddings

For an indoor wedding, you are free to choose any fabric for your bridal lehenga. You can choose luxurious fabrics like silk or velvet. The hue of your lehenga may be influenced by the backdrop and lighting at your location. If the lighting at your location is golden, go for heavy jewellery sets like a maang tikka, a huge Jhumki, stacked necklaces, and delicate anklets. You may also select ornate decorations like elaborate stitching, sequin work, gold Zari work, etc. Make sure the elegance of the environment is complemented by your outfit.


Choosing the appropriate bridal lehenga design is crucial to ensuring that you feel and look your very best during your Indian wedding in the USA. Because there are so many available styles, materials, colours, and designs, making a decision could be challenging. However, by taking the place, occasion, environment, and personal style into account, you may narrow your choices and locate a worthwhile and stylish lehenga. Always keep in mind that picking out the bridal lehenga should be enjoyable, and you should choose a style that looks gorgeous, feels cosy, and is special to you.

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