Fight for control of the Pacific with a family of Imperial Russia asunder.
Master brilliant new combat strategies to outsmart your enemies, all while building up your fortune.
Designed from the ground up for the new generation, Conquer Your World offers a vibrant turn-based combat experience, realistic looting and crafting system, and a deep strategy system for both land and naval battles.
To take total control of the Pacific, you must first conquer it.
– Fight to build the wealthiest empire in the world and hire adventurers and spies to accompany you on your journey.
– Overhauled turn-based combat system introduces a variety of clever tactics to take on enemies.
– Patchwork swordplay system inspires ingenuity and strategy, with deep customizability.
– Political system and ideological conflict bring a depth of story and depth of tactics never before seen in a 4X franchise.
– Deploy units by the boatload, providing multiple options for commanding your forces.
– Raise a shipyard, train sailors, and assemble fleets of ships to outwit your enemies and overcome any obstacle.
– Conquer the land with a strategy of attack and defense and invade other nations.
– Create new settlements and develop your empire.
– Fight for control of the Pacific with a family of Imperial Russia asunder.
– Take control of the Pacifist, Diplomatist, and Aggressive ideologies, each with their own military strength, tactics, and building styles.
– Author’s Note: I am now focusing my development efforts on bringing exciting new features to the Conquer Your World series. I don’t intend to make this the main game, and will be releasing a free expansion in the next few months. Enjoy!

Basic Features:

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“Patchwork” style combat. Slash, parry and rip through enemies with your trusty blade.

Supports up to a max of 32 players.

Brand new combat system, inspired by the combat system in the Infinity Engine titles.

Build and equip a unique party of characters. Each character can utilize unique skills and equipment.

Build an arsenal of weapons, armor and gear with deep stats and power to match your playstyle.

Customize your characters with a wide range of equipment and crafting recipes.

Political system:

“Conquer the land” feature. Control large territories of land, form a duchy, and


Features Key:

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      – 6 texture variations, including “HD”
      – 2 exclusive costumes are included
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      Sell 100 Fortune Cards
      Play 5 Evil Nights
      Witch: Yumiko, Rhea, Shu
      Humans: Lily, Yukari, Kana, Euna, Akiko
      Vampires: Yumiko, Rhea, Shu
      Sorcerers: Shu, Kana, Euna, Yukari
      Go to town to sell 100 Fortune Cards. You may sell different numbers, but 100 is the max.Use Fortune Telling to play 5 Evil Nights. On Evil Nights, all creatures will be evil. All Humans will now have red shirts, while Witches will be in black. All Vampires will look the same as Human’s in black. Vampires and Sorcerers, for the most part, will look the same.You will gain 10,000 Vouchers.
      Don’t play Evil Nights:
      Yumiko and Rhea can change into other creatures at any time.Vampires will break it if you play too many Evil Nights.
      Evil Nights:
      Kana can use the Dragon Blade to kill Humans.
      Players with Kana can be paired with Lily, Yumiko, Shu or Rhea.Rhea can use the Scarlet Blade to kill Witches.If you use the Dragon Blade/Scarlet Blade on a companion, they have 5 minutes to heal or they will die.In order to heal your companion, click on the square next to your companion.
      Game “Grave Prosperity – Velez Costume” Screenshots:
      A Monster has appeared in Innkeeper. Go to the Goblin Archer, go to Town, and then to Collarville. Two items are on the Goblin Archer’s wagon. [Goblin Archer’s Wagon] and [Lily’s Wisdom]
      A Monster has appeared in Collarville. Go to the Goblin Archer, go to Town, and then to Collarville.Two items are on the Goblin Archer’s wagon. [Goblin Archer’s Wagon] and [Lily’s Wisdom]
      -Supply Crate:
      This crate has all of Lily’s monsters. Yumiko, Rhea, Shu, Akiko, Euna, and Kana are on it.
      -Empty Crate:
      This crate has all of Lily’s monsters. Yumiko, Rhea, Shu, Akiko, Euna, and Kana are on it.
      -Dragon’s Clothes:
      A crate containing clothes


      What’s new:

      The Cavalry

      December 12th, 1007


      Audrum’s eyes peered out across the

      wasteland covered in the dying embers of a late afternoon sun. Hundreds of miles

      away was a grimy grey building that looked more like an

      abandoned old factory than a national military headquarters. He was hunkered

      down in the back, the closest to the building’s exits that he could manage. He

      could hear Vigal growling and muttering, his attention was less focused on him

      than the building though. The rusted metal doors loomed ominously, flanked on

      either side by an armed sentry. The building was clearly in some state of

      disarray as the sentries moved about.

      Audrum leaned back, stretching his legs and arms out to ease the tense

      strain that ate through his body every day. He listened intently, worried about

      any noise out of place, his ears straining to hear any possible rumblings of

      early warmongers before he reached the point where the music ended and

      bloodlust set in. The sounds of the typical

      past night revelers – drunken raucous laughter, snide remarks behind a woman’s back and

      angry groans from the full sized hitmen.

      Audrum waited – his legs twisted, his loins tight as a knot. The people

      around him had made no move to settle down into the semi-warm gathered for

      dinner that they could enjoy like he and Vigal were doing. Unconcerned with the

      boredom that he was only letting himself get into.

      Vigal was sitting next to him, his small frame showing his sizing to be

      tiny and skinny. His skin was dark, almost purplish and contrasting with his own

      semi-dark hair that sat atop his head in short, curly and round pastel pink

      bangs. His eyes were tiny, an African chameleon, changing color to match his

      surroundings. They were dark grey right now, and it seemed like he’d been staring

      at the building up ahead for ages now. The crowd looked just as

      enthusiastic as the last time Audrum had been here. His eyes wandered from the

      boredom to


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      Grave Prosperity – Velez Costume

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