NameHalcyon 6: Starbase Commander
Rating4.25 / 5 ( 878 votes )
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Take control of the most powerful technology of the 26th century, the Aegis Line of warships, and defend it against all the enemies that could attack it.
A game that extends the classic 4X genre with an added depth of tactical challenges, spanning multiple terrains and nations with a variety of objectives.
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NameHalcyon 6: Starbase Commander
Rating4.25 / 5 ( 878 votes )
Update(7 days ago)


Features Key:

  • Five Sci-Fi themed games
  • Something new for every player
  • Dial a combination of coloured lights up on your computer screen, with eight people playing at the same time
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    Time Stops For No One- is a multiplayer game similar to Risk, but instead of playing it on a map, each player takes part in a randomized campaign where they choose their own galaxy, can colonize planets, and can use special units to attack planets or other races. These campaigns are custom-tailored to each player and can be altered on the fly in real time by the players. This allows players to play new variations of their favorite campaigns in a game with no cheat codes, and no game over screen: if you die, you continue the campaign as a new player, but with a name and an altered mission that your actions and the game state have changed. Players can also cheat at their own campaigns by editing their tasks on the fly. The object of the game is to be the first player to get to 1000,000 credits, much like Risk. Players can compete with each other in a number of multiplayer games that are only accessible while connected to the same game state, as well as explore other properties of the same universe, such as different points of view of individual planets and populations, and zoom into the galaxy’s core to view history.

    Well, we FINALLY have a website up for Halcyon 6. It’s still a work in progress, so I’ll be adding more content once I’ve found some more time. If you’d like to check out the website, you can do so HERE.

    Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander is now on Steam! You can purchase it directly from the Steam store HERE. I hope you enjoy it, and welcome to the many years of Halcyon 6 fame!

    Tharion has been promoted to a full-time staff member. Please send us any feedback or comments on the game and on Tharion’s blog! He can be reached at [email protected]


    Hello! I am very excited to introduce you to another game of mine. Starbase Commander will be a space-based 4X strategy game using the Risk engine. That means a lot of elements from Risk and variants of it. A 4X game means gathering resources, engaging in combat with other races (up to four players can play on the same mission), managing a starbase, and deciding to help or oppress other races in the galaxy. You can probably expect some sort of gameplay video sometime in the future. For now, the site is still under


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    What’s new:

      (beta) – Kickstarter is work – a big part of it is talking to people

      It takes off like a teenage-kid’s prank rocket, and comes crashing down like a racing car whose driver has lost control.

      My Kickstarter project with UK publisher Failbetter games, Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander (alpha) has failed. The project was looking to raise £10,000 which it did – but then nothing happened. We were sent a further personalised ‘Thank you for your interest in our project’ note. However on our 2nd update, I was told the project will not be funded. Total time invested by me and my team is far greater than this failed project – but this goes to show how much work is involved in the process of funding and going over the projected numbers for a Kickstarter project. Kickstarter and its interfaces are fraught with pitfalls.

      Investing in this crowdfunding service would be easy for me because I’m not selling myself out of my house to a Bay Area venture capitalist, some dollars fund raised will have gone to the team. However I’ve also made a number of connections with other (largely indie) developers who would benefit from the funding, and I’d be keen to see Halcyon 6 happen, but not with the resources currently allocated to it.

      I’m going to cut my losses on this project – we originally partnered with Failbetter games because of their intellectual property relations, linking well to Halcyon 6, but equally as much in their opinion, Failbetter don’t want the project to go ahead – fortunately I can see the wisdom in this stance.

      Writing this blog post now, I’ve already found a great deal of feedback on Kickstarter and getting people to spend their own money on a project, even on something that I though was a worthy one. I’m going to do a series of follow up posts to answer a lot of the comments that I’ve received on the project.

      The numbers

      Total budget for the project was to raise £10,000, it actually raised £11,819.45.

      Appeal goal (whether you’re donating through Kickstarter or another website) were £4,000 – the goal was met in 23 hours – After 23 hours the project was not progressing, it was brought back to the Kickstarter main page – a week later – Goal not met.

      During the two updates


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