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Hazel Paper Forms Activation Code Description:
-Samples of available forms: Text Boxes, Multiple Choice Questions, Checkboxes, Bulletin Board, Survey, Calendar
-Add elements such as Page Numbers,
-Create your own custom forms
-Print, email, or share online
-Customize or change many aspect of the forms
-Import PDF, convert to image, or use the fillable fields
-Change the fonts, colors, text boxes, etc
-Print or share the forms to your email or social media
-Create your own dynamic questions
-Uses HTML & CSS
-Responsive design
-Built with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, & WordPress
-Unlimited forms
-Easy to Use
-Rotate, flip, add, shrink, and remove text box
-Choice a background color
-Add your company logo
-Change the header, footer, and the margin
-Print to any color or grayscale
-Save the forms as a PDF
-Export the forms to URL
-Share the forms via Email or social media
Please try the trial version for free before purchasing Hazel Paper Forms.

Hazel Paper Forms Description:
Hazel Paper Forms Description:
Hazel Paper Forms is an intuitive software that allows just about anyone to create traditional, printable forms or similar content such as quizzes, surveys, and so forth. Noteworthy features that make Hazel Paper Forms a good app For starters, it’s worth mentioning that the application boasts a relatively impressive collection of samples/templates for you to choose from. Whether you’re looking for printable forms with text boxes, multiple-choice questions, or simply checkboxes for surveys, quizzes, application forms, registration forms, the app has them all. Of course, all of these forms can be thoroughly personalized to perfectly meet your needs. For example, you can change aspects such as the layout, the font, and even add custom photos to otherwise bland forms. All the forms, both the default ones (from templates) or the ones you create from scratch can be either printed or shared with other devices via image and PDF formats. The app’s GUI is simple and modern While by no means impressive, the application boasts a straightforward, yet effective UI. Almost all the tools you need are located in the top toolbar from where you can add elements to your forms, print, export them, as well as customize aspects such as the label font size, print page length, and the header text

Hazel Paper Forms

The Hazel Paper Forms app is designed to make forms easier and more efficient to create. It’s a free app that lets you create premium printable forms from pre-designed layouts. Create paperless printable forms from your web pages that are available in various editable and printable formats. It lets you do basic and complex form design tasks on the go or while connected to the Internet.
Create and print premium quality printable forms from a selected range of customizable templates.
Create and print paperless forms that can be sent as emails.
Customize your paperless forms by adding and organizing content.
Add form styles or design your own.
Add form metadata.
Turn your list of contacts into a form.
Free version features:
Create printable forms from templates.
Create and print paperless forms as emails.
Customize the look of paperless forms.
Customize the field order of paperless forms.
Create custom fields to add to forms.
Free version limitations:
Limited editing
No customization available
No field order customization
No metadata editor
No visual layout
Limitations to the form templates:
Only basic forms are available
No visual layout customization
Limited customization
1. It says “Basic” not “Premium”
2. It doesn’t store them, they are sent as emails.
3. It doesn’t support some extensions, to move the cursor left or right.
4. Limited customization
Review by CE – from May 2015

2015-06-16 16:37:40


There are 2 comments relating to this rating

I agree with the rating. It might be too basic and limited for some but if you have an application that is functional, stable and stays fast you are likely to get a lot of use out of it. It is fast and stable on the one hand and does the job on the other. That’s what counts.





I agree with the rating. It might be too basic and limited for some but if you have an application that is functional, stable and stays fast you are likely to get a lot of use out of it. It is fast and stable on the one hand and does the job on the other. That’s what counts.


This app is compatible with all the major browsers (Safari, Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera). This app

Hazel Paper Forms Crack+

• 100+ Templates and Completely Customizable For Your Documents.
• Print, Share, and Email Your Documents From Android Tablet Or Phone.
• Print Files From Cloud Apps Right From Android.
• Free & Easy To Create Forms & Documents.
• Export All Your Files (Print, PDF & Email) In Just A Click.
• Add Images, Text & Text Boxes.
• Easy To Use Interface.
• No Training Required.
• Free No Popups Or Ads.
• No Form Size Limit.
• 100+ Templates & Forms.
• Free Version From Google Play: Features Basic Printing & Email Functionalities.
• Trial Version: Features 100 Forms, No Watermark, No Popups, No Advertisements.
• Paid Version: Features Unlimited Forms & Locations, No Watermark, No Popups, No Ads.
• Support: Users get 100% Free Support With No Questions Asked.
• Screenshots At Google Play: See What The App Looks Like With No Watermark!
• No Third Party Advertising!
• No In App Purchase!
• No Watermark!
• No Advertisements!
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What’s New in the Hazel Paper Forms?

A versatile form/quiz generator
Have you ever wanted to create printable forms, quizzes, or surveys but couldn’t find the right software that would make your work easier? Well, here’s something really convenient for you.
Hazel Paper Forms is exactly that, a handy app that will assist you in creating attractive and printable forms in just a matter of moments.
It offers you over 100 downloadable form/quiz templates (with labels included) and lets you add your own photos and custom questions.
Hazel Paper Forms Description:
Creative form creator and organizer
Generate printable forms with labels or create quizzes right away
Whether you need to create forms for various purposes or simply need to make your own forms to share with your friends, Hazel Paper Forms has what you need.
It is a handy online form creator and organizer that allows you to create your own and share them with your friends online.
Hazel Paper Forms Description:
Template-based quiz maker
Get 20+ online quizzes that you can share with your friends
Do you love creating online quizzes? Do you want to make quizzes that are similar to those found on social networks but for your own use?
Then you’ll love the Hazel Paper Forms quiz creator. This handy online form creator helps you create over 20 quizzes for your own use.
These quizzes are based on templates available in the app, so you can build and customize them to your heart’s content.
Hazel Paper Forms Description:
Template-based form maker
Create professional forms in just 5 minutes
Are you looking for a handy way to create forms that look like those found on social networks?
Then look no further because Hazel Paper Forms is here to save the day. This online form creator will help you create professional-looking printable forms in just 5 minutes.
These forms can be used for registration of new users, applications, or simply as surveys.
Hazel Paper Forms Description:
HTML5 form creator
Make beautiful, printable forms
To summarize, Hazel Paper Forms is a ready-made tool for creating forms which you can then share online and make it available to download as an image or a PDF.
Why you should download this app
All of your templates are available for free
The app offers a way to make and customize online forms and surveys
It comes with a sophisticated user interface, allowing you to edit any element
So, the next time you plan to make a form for a certain


System Requirements For Hazel Paper Forms:

OS: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista or XP
Processor: Intel Pentium®4 @ 2.6 Ghz, AMD Athlon™ X2 Dual-Core @ 3 Ghz, or better
Memory: 1GB
Hard disk space: 400 MB
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