Have you ever been on the lookout for one place where you could find an intuitive timeline, detailing historic events? Well, look no further. History of the World promises just that. Promises, because even though it is not fully grown, it does harness true potential. Trying to synthesize history's events is no easy task.
Main interface
The interface is simple and intuitive. So simple, in fact, that it could make use of some extra menus and options. The concept is indeed intriguing. You have the world map and then different years, each with a couple of important associated historic events. When one clicks on the available events, he is greeted with even more information. There are also links that direct the user towards external sources containing even more information.
The Timeline
The timeline at the bottom of the app window is intuitive as well. Each year entry has a representative icon attached to it. The map in the background is decorated with a specific year watermark, depending on your selection on the same timeline. The concept behind this whole application is simple, yet effective. It is, in fact, this simplicity that could become attractive, provided that more information is added.
Work in Progress
While the app shows tremendous potential, one can't help but feel that the History of the World app is simply not there yet. It is, in many ways, work in progress. The idea behind it is simple, yet so is the content. There should be options to customize one's timeline events, making them theme oriented. Different event classes could be added, ranging from very important to slightly important. All of these additions should pave the way to a more diverse and developed product.
History of the World is an application with a lot of potential. Not only could it be used in schools as educational material, but it could, at the same time, represent a way for each and everyone to connect with history and all its emblematic events. Let's not forget that history makes the world go round.







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“The ultimate list of Human History in chronological order. History of the World is a list of major world history events. View a complete timeline of humankind”
History of the World is available on the App Store. If you liked this review, be sure to check out our others HERE
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History Of The World Crack Free Download

Easy, yet powerful timeline interface provides access to all major historic events in the world. The application also allows the user to customize his own timeline!
History of the World App Features:
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History Of The World For PC

The History of the World is the first interactive history timeline that shows the chronological events from the prehistoric times to the present day.

Applications are expected to have a brief user and technical documentation. There is also a version for developer with all requirements described in the developer document.

A cool concept for anyone who like to keep a record of historic events. The interface is a bit of a mess, the timeline view is spartan, but an interesting concept.

Bug reports or enhancement requests are welcome, use the contact form in our website (www.mikrotik.com) or use our twitter account (twitter.com/mikrotik) for faster support.

History of the World Requirements


Mac OS X


iOS, Android

Mikrotik® RouterOS®

MikroTik router firmware version 12 or later

MikroTik binary event dissector

Open Source

About Mactik:
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History of the World does not include all the sources from different countries. If you notice, all the events marked with red circles are not from the location of the application itself. None of them, if I’m not mistaken, are from India. So if you want more information about something like the Vietnam War, I wouldn’t expect it from a timeline app on India. I think there are much more places that share a special history with Vietnam and the USA for example. I’m a US citizen and I can’t really remember when the Vietnam War started. I think from my youth, but I’m sure there are others that really remember that. I’ll stop ranting now.

I forgot that in the same app, there’s also a USA flag, but that is not from India.

Btw, as far as I can see, the above complaint wasn’t really addressed.
The idea of this app is very interesting. I don’t know how detailed

What’s New In History Of The World?

One-time Download only.

History Of The World November 1st, 2019 22:49:23

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This is the free version of History Of The World. The full version is available as a rentable product on its store page.

History Of The World Review

History Of The World Review

By Albert & Tony


We’ve been in and around the mobile app space for some years now, having started out our journey in 2012 when we first released our app ServiceGuide. We have to say that it has been a long journey and we really have come a long way in the last few years. This has been in part thanks to all our great users and customers who we have had the pleasure of meeting across the world. Although we are now at the end of the year we are looking forward to a new year, 2019. As we approach that this review we wanted to highlight some of the highlights and new features and capabilities that we have introduced over the last few years, including the new History of the World app.

History of the World Review

You may have noticed a change to our ‘About’ page on our website and on our apps: ‘History of the World’. This is something we have been working on over the last few years; although still in its infancy it is one of the more exciting features of the History of the World app.

The concept behind this app is simple and intuitive. We are portraying the History of the World as a kind of timeline. The timeline is represented across the whole world (currently up to 7 continents) and for each year there is a small event (e.g. year 2160 will see the first of the many lunar eclipses that will continue to occur). A small event icon is shown, along with a unique yellow watermark, that links back to a tap to be directed to the event via an external link. Clicking on the icon will reveal more information, including a description, when available.

When viewing a small event, or for a single year, you can be directed to the following webpages:

The History Of The World is just one of the latest iPhone apps that has recently joined our list. We have over 200+ apps in our range. Please take a look at all our apps and download them today for free.

We hope


System Requirements:

Supported platforms:
Windows 7/8/10
macOS 10.14/10.15/10.16
Linux (deb packages only)
Arch (DEB packages only)
Standalone game (app bundle)
Standalone game (deb package)
Download game client here:
The build also comes with a launcher for Windows. If you have a Steam client on your computer, you can get a shortcut to it in your Start Menu to launch the game, or