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Three20 mailto: links disabled by default in iOS mail app

From the Three20 community documentation:

…The default iOS behavior for mailto: links is to disable them unless you’re signed into iCloud…

However, with the new iOS 6 release, it seems that mailto: links are now enabled by default. This has been confirmed on multiple other posts (eg: here). This is what I see in the iOS mail client now:

Is there a known issue with the iOS 6 release? When I try to add a mailto: link it goes through with no errors, but the URL on the ‘open in’ dialog stays blank and when I email it to someone it opens in Safari (the intended behavior).


With iOS 6, the Mail app shows “Open in iCloud” regardless of whether the user is signed into it or not. This is by design.
If you don’t want to have this behavior change, you can manually set the behavior in the “Mail” preferences for your account.

Open the “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” settings app on your iPad.
Tap “Accounts”.
Tap the name of your account.
Tap the “Mail” tab.
Tap “Options”.
In the “Mail” options, tap “Open links in” to enable the iCloud behavior or “Always Ask” to always show the Open in iCloud button.


I’ve had exactly the same issue and after a bit of Googling, found this answer on iOS 6 Mail bugs, which explains that this behaviour is by design and that it will be removed in a future release.

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