Do you know what a cracked ROM is? This is where the entire system on the phone is messed up and running apps you did not pay for. Even the home screen is replaced with that of another third party. This will destroy the entire Android experience with broken applications, incompatible file system and more.

It’s safe to say that Evernote has at the very least a sizable following due to its sophisticated features that allow you to create a virtual notebook, which allows you to catalogue and store notes in an effortless fashion. It is also relatively easy to use, with just a basic set of functions that are easy to navigate, and helps in keeping important information in one place. You can even link your notes to websites or documents.

VLC Media Player is a free and open source cross-platform multimedia player and library. You can download its latest version at, and install it on your computer or mobile devices. On your iPhone, you can download this file from the iTunes App Store , the Google Play Store , or the official Videolan website . You can use the app as a media player or as a library to stream content from the Internet.

Most of the time when you download a file from a website, the file is pretty large and eats up a lot of space on your hard drive. To reduce the load on your computer, you can compress the file. There are many different tools out there that let you do this but I suggest that you download the version of my tool called WinZip that is specifically made for this purpose.

YAHOO! GeoCities is an online web page hosting service started in 1994 by Inc. YAHOO! GeoCities was a low-cost web hosting service similar to Geocities but with several new features. It was eventually bought by Yahoo! in 1999. Yahoo! later shut the service down in 2009 due to the rise of more popular free websites.
YAHOO! GeoCities is now owned by Oath, a collection of digital platforms and properties owned by Verizon Communications that merged with Yahoo! in 2017.
A complete list of GeoCities sites can be found at