One of the best web-based torrent-logging tools, Mininova is a simple and easy to navigate site with a massive archive of torrents. Mininova is easy to use and gives you a detailed rundown of what all is available in each torrent, along with a breakdown of which software is for what platform. If youre looking to download a torrent for a while, Mininova is a great tool.

Tinypassion is a torrent website that not only provides the files, but also provides a description of the torrent, the file type, codecs, extensions. They also have a link to The Pirate Bay where you can find the same torrent for 100 times less than the price they charge. I think that this is one of the best sites.

Premium torrent site that pretty much every major title can be found here. The site is packed with games and premium torrents, and has extremely easy to use interface. That said, if you are a regular torrent user (ie. you download a fair amount) then I recommend that you check out one of the premium torrent sites first.

Titan Torrents is one of the oldest torrent sites, but it also happens to be one of the most useful. The site is run as a business, as such, they offer a wide selection of software, games, and tools. This means they can sometimes have the best deals on even newest software. With Titan Torrents, you can expect great pricing, a very good interface, and some of the best servers.

Song is a music and video torrent website, but it also packs quite a game library. They offer both free and premium accounts. Free accounts offer decent functionality and allow you to share files, but you cant upload, etc. Premium accounts are great if you want to upload files, share, or download 100s of torrents at once.