This site allows users to offer paid apps for sale. While this certainly isn’t possible with many software-only downloading sites, this is one of the few that offers software for rent to visitors. Of course, users need to download the software and be sure to keep the license key to continue using the software.

Avery in the Mac site has the same basic layout as other download sites, but it’s free, which is refreshing, and includes a link to a site named Mac-Update. That site is apparently the source of many Mac downloads and other software tidbits.

The Downloads page does have one other clever feature, the Mac App Store, which is one of the best ways of finding un-obtrusive Mac apps. The basic idea of the Mac App Store is that if you want to download free apps, you go to the Mac App Store and look at the top, paid apps and feature’recommended’ for you. Don’t be fooled, as there are occasionally apps that are genuinely free that make their way to the top of the recommendations. Also, once you’ve found what you want, click the Buy Now button and download.

Now, this is a very useful site because it saves you the trouble of having to download all the programs you want to download. We have a nice collection of very useful, free programs, which we have listed in a post under mac or pc . You can download these from there. All the free programs are neatly bundled into categories for ease of use, plus you have the option to view the programs in the raw listing form and download them on your PC.

A site that looks clean and easy to use. It has a very intuitive homepage, with a quick search box that returns a list of results. Clicking through shows you a preview of the application, and clicking on the download button brings up the option to save the software to your computer.