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NOTE – I suggest using a Windows Virtual Machine to run WinRar, which lets you decompress the.rar or.exe files you download from the internet. There are many virtual machine programs available online, such as VirtualBox. Just make sure that you are creating the Virtual Machine from the correct version of Windows, which should be Windows 7 or Windows XP. You can go to the VMware homepage and download the program you will need, which is called VirtualBox .

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The Pirate Bay is a file-sharing website that was founded in 2003. By using this site, you are seen as a contributing pirate, which may affect your current legal status. However, those on hacker forums are in general, kind of legal as long as they don’t sell the files. Of course, if this is what you do for your day job, you may not be legally permitted to share it, or if you share it, you may be prosecuted. And clearly, if you share copyrighted material, there may be severe consequences.