You have arrived at the appropriate site if you are wondering “Why I am facing Outlook Import Export greyed out error?” In this article, we’ll talk about how to fix the problem with Outlook’s greyed-out import/export options. We’ll talk about numerous manual alternatives as well as the automatic ones that’s been suggested by experts in the field. We’ll also cover a few noteworthy explanations for why you might be having this problem.

A well-known email programme with 500 million users is MS Outlook. Many companies and organisations prefer using it to manage their emails. There are several features in Outlook that make it perform better. Additionally, it has a tonne of updated and improved security features. However, this fantastic email client’s customers frequently have the “import/export option greyed out Outlook” problem.

In this article, we’ve provided you with a number of manual remedies as well as one automated tool to assist you to handle the problem without difficulty. Let’s start the blog and address the problem of the “import/export option greyed out in Outlook” now. But first, let’s take a look at some related search terms that people use.

Reasons Why Your Outlook Import/Export Is Greyed Out

There are a few most frequent causes of this problem; we have covered the most significant ones here.

  • You are utilising Outlook’s trial version.
  • The Outlook Data Files may be damaged.
  • Outlook’s language preferences are wrong.
  • The Outlook settings have been disabled by the admin.
  • Your Outlook programme is outdated.

To avoid this problem in the future, you might determine which of these explanations applies to your circumstance and make the necessary corrections. Let’s now discuss the current state of this problem and how to resolve it. We’ll start by talking about the manual solutions for it.

Manual Approach to Fix Import Export Option Greyed Out in Outlook 

Here, we’ll offer remedies to the issues that lead to Outlook’s import and export options becoming disabled. As a result, the manual solution is covered in five different sections, each of which includes the appropriate fix.

1. Switch to Outlook Professional

It’s time to upgrade to MS Outlook’s pro version if you’re still utilising the demo version. Volume licencing allows you to accomplish this. Along with the updated version’s main programmes, Outlook, Access, Publisher, Excel, OneDrive, OneNote, PowerPoint, and Skype for Business are also included.

2. Examine corrupted data files for Outlook

Users of Outlook 365 frequently experience damaged Outlook Data Files. You can use Outlook’s own built-in repair utility Scanpst.exe if you are unsure how to remove corruption from your Outlook Data Files.

3. Make language settings proper.

Outlook may not be compatible with your language-specific version of Windows. Therefore, to resolve this, go to Control Panel >> Region >> Administrative >> Language for non-Unicode programmes and change the language for the non-Unicode programme.

4. Speak with the admin

If you work in a corporate setting, there’s a potential the administrator has deactivated the Outlook application’s settings policy. Therefore, to remedy this problem, only get in touch with the admin.

5. Update the Outlook programme

If you’re using an older version of Microsoft Outlook, this “Why is Import Export Greyed Out in Outlook” problem could be happening to you. If so, please update it to Outlook 2013 or the most recent version to fix the problem.

So, these are the manual fixes you can do to fix the problem. These techniques do not, however, ensure complete success or data security. Therefore, we have provided you with a professional-recommended remedy in the following section.

Fixing Outlook’s Greyed-Out Import/Export Options the Right Way

This automatic tool is a professional recommendation to assist you to obtain the necessary results because the manual techniques aren’t always practical. Many technological experts like the tool known as Xtraxtor Outlook Converter Tool. This not only converts and exports your PST files into a wide range of common file and document formats, but it also handles the procedure safely and without any fuss. Additionally, it provides the option to natively export PST files from a variety of web- and desktop-based email clients, including Thunderbird, Office 365, and Gmail. This tool is loaded with numerous features that maximise its functionality and enhance the user experience.

Outstanding Qualities of This Tool

  • Exports PST to a variety of well-liked file types –  convert PST to MBOX, EML, and MSG, etc.
  • The PST file can also be exported into document formats as CSV, PDF, HTML, TXT, etc.
  • Allowed to immediately export PST to desktop and web-based email clients
  • Keeps the folder hierarchy and structure consistent throughout the procedure.
  • Allow to import PST to Yahoo Mail, Gmail, and many other webmail accounts.
  • supports every Windows operating system version
  • Offers the choice to save the output files in a specific system location.
  • To utilise this tool, MS Outlook does not need to be installed.

Additionally, we have included a blog below that you can go to if you want to import PST files into your Outlook programme.

Additionally, if you want to import any orphaned OST files into your MS Outlook, use the OST Converter Tool by Xtraxtor to get the job done safely and securely. This is because, according to Microsoft, there isn’t a straightforward manual way to complete this activity. As a result, several technical experts advised users to choose an automated method.


We discussed several remedies to the “Outlook Import Export option greyed out ” problem in this article. We reviewed a number of manual alternatives as well as an automatic approach that was suggested by an expert. However, not everyone can utilise manual methods, thus technological experts advise customers to use an automated option in order to get the required outcomes in a safe and hassle-free manner.