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A young girl with a fascination for monsters and magic meets a quirky monster stud who may be just the magic she needs.
Platforms: iOS

This movie contains: Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi, Adventure, Historical
City of Tammur, a street of a small city in the middle of the desert, with a splendid architecture, a cupboard for the desert dune wind. But suddenly the ancient and magnificent city is covered by a cloud of dust and sand. The city has been destroyed and its nobility is buried under the sand. But the most terrible power is not buried. It is alive and is slowly marching through the dead city.
The city is the human civilization – an ancient and gorgeous metropolis with an unknown tower of evil. There is a hideous mechanical monster that can command the underworld.
City of Tammur is a first person horror game!
Platforms: PC

Although Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales was Disney’s best selling of the year, Disney/Pixar seem to have been in need of a lull since then. 2019 has delivered the first Pixar short film, making it the 21st and the first animated short film from the studio in eight years. But no longer should we expect to get wait in between any Pixar films. While we wait for Pixar’s much-touted Incredibles 2 to be released this summer, we can take a closer look at the short film: Back to the Moon.
Platforms: PC, Mac

Summer is here, and for Pokemon GO, that means a new Legendary Pokemon has been released. You know, these are the ones with crazy mega effects, are the ones that give you a +15 boost in damage, and some even have abilities that supercharge your attacks. And yep, that’s exactly what happened. We see the Sinnoh’s very own Latias at the top of the tree, and then a couple more that are new to this game. These are:
Our collection of Pokemon GO: Legendary Pokemon Set List: 12 Of The Most Awesomest Legendary Pokemon GO: Legendary Pokemon Pokemon GO: Pokemon GO: Pokémon: Pokmon GO: Pokemon GO: Attack: Attack: Attack: Attack: Attack:
Platforms: PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad

On the horizon: a new remake of a classic zombie game.


Features Key:


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8. Press the top button on your keyboard to get on your top of your camera

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10. Press your right joystick and left joystick.

11. Use the HOME button to move your camera to the top of the game.

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15. Use PAGE RIGHT arrow to move your camera to the right.

16. Press the Z on your keyboard to Zoom in on your camera.

17. Use the END button on your keyboard to Zoom out on your camera.

18. Press the spacebar on your keyboard.

19. Press the – button on your keyboard to zoom in.

20. Press the – button on your keyboard to zoom out.

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System Requirements:

Download this version directly from our site. Unlike other apps, we have open-sourced this version. You should have complete control over the app or game. Required internet connection. Download from Google Play.


A huge number of fixes

Added a message when a game is removed

Added a detailed description of games

Added a screenshot on game details

Added the ability to report issues and bugs with the help of support

Added Google Profile of the Developer.

Added a message when the network goes unstable.

Added a simple upgrade to a more prominent version of Google Play.

Adjusted the button.

Other Changes

Fixed event titles.

Localized the website.

Compatibility Fixes

All the compatible versions of Android 10. I decided to keep these changes as I don’t want users to lose anything.

Automatic crash log

If there is a crash, it will be automatically uploaded to our online server and we will send an email to the username of the device with screenshots of the crashing error.

Google Play Version

The local version of Google Play will be available for all smartphones that we have released the Google Play version.


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