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Roblox is a video game that was developed in 2004 by David Baszucki and Erik Cassel, who grew up in Texas. Roblox is a software that helps game developers to make video games and experiences for the computers and mobile devices. Users create the games using the language of the Java and then watch them on the mobile devices through the browser and the computer. The game is a platform that is similar to the Windows, the iOS, and the Android. Roblox is available in all major languages, which supports to the users all over the world.

The user can use any device to play Roblox games. They can play the games by either accessing the platform website or download the Roblox application from the app store. In the application, the user has the ability to play the games for free, this means that the game is given free, but it has to be purchased with the virtual currency called Robux. Roblox provides many features for the users, these are given free of cost, and any game can be played without any payment of the Robux. These games can be created, played, and enjoyed by the children of all ages.
Roblox also supports a few features such as the chat rooms, which are used by the users to communicate while playing the games, groups, which can be used to create the groups of people to play the games. Roblox also provides the media room, which is used to upload pictures, videos, sound files and the websites, in order to get the information about the users and the games they play. Roblox provides different experiences for the users of all types, and the gaming experience is truly unique.

Roblox Advantages:
Roblox has played a great role in the development of gaming industry. It is an online platform where game developers can share their games with other people. It is an online platform that has a great user interface, as all the games can be played from the websites and from the browser. Roblox is very helpful for young children, as the experience is real and fun for them, and it can be enjoyed by all the ages. Roblox also has the ability to adapt to the latest trends in the gaming industry, and it provides the users with the best gaming experience. Roblox has been widely used by the users in the USA, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and the Africa.

Roblox Uses:


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How To Get Infinite Robux For Free [Mac/Win]

Roblox Cheats By Type

Roblox Cheats By Menu

After figuring out how to cheat on Roblox the best way possible is to just make a cheat book and stuff! It’s so easy and basically what you need to do is create a menu for when you cheat. Let’s take a look at some of those codes.

Loading Screen – Toggle

Code: /toggleCheats

This will take you to the loading screen or when you enter the game with that cheat disabled.

God Mode

Code: /godCheats

This will toggle your ability to glitch through level designs. Its basically the current state of cheat that was a bit in one of Roblox’s older games for older consoles. It used to glitch into a space station and fly through there but not anymore.

Glitch Walls

Code: /W

In some of the older games you could glitch the game engine to make a wall which you could jump on through. These code don’t work on recent Roblox updates.

Change Gamerpic

Code: /imageRequest

Roblox is always cracking down on people who break the rules. These cheats lets you select which picture your gamerpic would be based off. So you could change it to a new gamerpic or an old avatar.

View Playerlist

Code: /viewPlayers

This will let you see which players are currently online.

Show Timer

Code: /showTime

This will show your current timer for how long you can stay in the level for.


Code: /invincibility

This will enable a cheat for the player to be invincibility through everything.

Free Items

Code: /test-item-free

This is a cheats code that lets you get free items for doing nothing!

Invalidate Profile

Code: /invalidateProfile

This lets the developers know you’re cheating and they want to invalidate your profile to stop you cheating on Roblox again.

In-Game Shop Hack (This can be used in case that you run out of Robux!)

Code: /suppressShop

Normally you have to pay in game for every in-game thing you want to buy but the game developers obviously didn’t think that


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