Bike Insurance Renewal

Wide coverage benefits and cost saving in case of accidental damage are what a motor insurance policy is about. When it comes to filing an insurance claim for your bike, you may be aware of the process, however, there are several reasons why your claim may get rejected. Hence, it is essential to get an understanding of the points to look out for to avoid rejection of your bike insurance claims. 

Several Reasons Why Your Claim May Get Rejected

  • Inactive / Lapsed Policy:

Remember that any bike insurance claims that you raise will only be accepted by the insurer if your policy is active. In case it has expired, and you have not renewed your policy in time, your claim will be rejected. Hence, it is always advised to renew your bike insurance on time, through Bike Insurance Renewal, to avoid claim rejection due to a lapsed policy. 

  • Unavailability of Coverage: 

Since third-party insurance is mandatory, many will only purchase this one plan for their bikes. When a claim is raised for damages to your own bike, the same will not be processed as your own damage claims are not covered by third-party insurance. You can only raise a claim for both third-party and own damage if you have purchased a comprehensive bike insurance plan.

  • Riding without a valid Driving License (DL):

You must always keep your vehicle documents handy when you are riding. In case you meet with an accident and do not have a valid driving license with you, your claim request will not be accepted by the insurer.

  • Riding under the Influence of Alcohol:

Riding under the influence of any intoxication, including alcohol is a strict no-no. Not only does it make you susceptible to accidents yourself, but it also makes you a risk to other’s life and property. In case of an accident, while you are riding under the influence of alcohol, the insurance company will not accept a claim for any damages to your own bike or any third-party liability as well. 

  • Fraud Claims Requests:

Misusing insurance benefits by raising fraudulent claims can not only lead to rejection but also legal charges if applicable. 

  • Delayed Claim Request:

Different insurers have their own defined timelines to raise a claim for your bike and this should be strictly followed. Any delay in raising a claim can be a cause of claim rejection. The reason is very simple – let’s take for example a bike owner who has met with an accident and had a comprehensive bike cover. Their bike causes an injury to a person and they are hospitalized. The bike owner may suggest that the delay in raising a claim may have happened since they were busy coordinating the hospitalization costs, etc. However, from an insurer’s perspective, the lapsed time could be due to planting or distortion of evidence, especially in cases where the First Information Report (FIR) is required. Hence a delay in raising a claim request may not be considered by the insurer and the claim can get rejected.

  • Ownership not Transferred:

In case you have purchased a second-hand bike, you must insist on the transfer of the active third party bike insurance policy as well from the previous owner. In case this transfer is not done, there is no scope to raise a claim.

  • Vehicle Modifications, not Clarified7

Bike riders may want to modify their bikes, based on their specific needs and sometimes, the extent of the modification is so high that it becomes difficult to trace the original bike. Also, these modifications could be expensive and add to the overall value of your bike. Some of the modifications may even cause an increase in your bike insurance premium. In fact, in case the modifications are not disclosed or clarified earlier, claims may not be accepted by the insurer. 

  • Commercial & Illegal Usage

You must bear in mind that your private bike should not be used for any commercial purposes like plying material from one place to another nor should it be used for any illegal purposes like bike racing or stunts, etc. In case of a claim wherein the accident has occurred wherein the private bike was being used for either of these purposes, the insurer may not accept the claim. 

With these points in mind, you can be sure that in the event of a claim, it will not face rejection. Also do remember that keeping your bike insurance active through timely renewals is extremely important. You can download and use the Bajaj Finserv to purchase or renew your bike insurance within minutes. 

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