Play as ALB, a human protagonist living in the forest.
Help to rescue her brother Abel and defeat the evil queen.
Solve the mystery of the village and the evil queen, and decide the ending of this story!

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David is a high school graduate who is in his last year of college. He works at the local gas station and is trying to further his education. He has 2 sisters, Lisa and Martha, and their father died when he was young. David’s brothers, Clark and Gary, live with him now. David has a history of starting problems at school, and “word” got around campus that David was starting things.

He had a very close relationship with his grandmother, but she died when he was in high school. He’s not close to his mother and sister.

David has been running into problems with girls on campus and has become depressed. He is addicted to masturbation and alcohol. He has several drinks a night and sometimes more. He has a brief affair with a professor’s wife. As a result, he gets into trouble with the dean.

David is very intelligent. In spite of his drinking, he does not do drugs. The college authorities know that he is a problem. They want him to receive treatment, but the Dean says, “David’s father was a drunk and he’s been a perfect student. What can you do?” David’s mother has a nervous breakdown and he and Lisa have to take care of her.

David thinks he would be better off without the college authorities’ supervision. The college authorities have told him that he can finish school but his drinking and masturbation must cease. If David remains at college, they will send him to a place called Aspen Manor. David has no money for treatment but he has a job he loves and he’s afraid of losing that. He also thinks that he is too old to start the treatments that are necessary for him.

David thinks that God will take care of him. He has a deep faith. He believes that


Features Key:

  • Original animated sprites by high quality artist on Lego Model.
  • Original fantastic music by “*” (Tom Tunney).
  • Supports up to 4 players.
  • Engine is quite easy.


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The Indie Game of the Year for 2019.

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Hunt Planet Bug Full Crack was created by a small indie team (4 people) and is the result of a long, painful process to bring a mobile game to life.

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This is our story.

Hunt Planet Bug was initially developed as a casual game.

This way of developing was good because it allowed us to put a lot of work on the game and be proud of it, but the challenge was to find players for this type of game.

And that’s when we knew it was time to change strategy.

We were looking for a publisher and we wanted to do this in a really professional way. Also, we wanted a higher budget.

We wanted to do something really big and something that would be in good and high quality. That’s when we saw the LOVE game, and we decided to make it with the same approach.

Hunt Planet Bug was created as a serious game, with a story that would challenge players to explore and reach the goals and also, try to do the impossible.

We didn’t think about the casual market anymore, and we focused on delivering a great experience to the players.

Everything has been done for the players

Hunt Planet Bug is designed for players and it’s not for anyone.

The fun comes from the risk we are asking of the players.

By risking their lives, they will be in a world that is totally different from the everyday world.

People are never bored in Hunt Planet Bug.

Players are always looking for rewards and once they find them, they will feel great.

Hunt Planet Bug is a game that is simple and easy to understand, but it is also hard to master.

It’s the creation of an original and fun gameplay, which is different from the usual game.

Hunt Planet Bug is an experience that you will never forget.

A lot of changes were made to the game based on the reception of previous versions.

We redesigned the story and the characters, the music and the soundtrack.

Hunt Planet Bug features 5 different territories and each one has its own set of levels, enemies and secrets.

Each territory has a different theme:



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What’s new in Hunt Planet Bug:

f-ther Horse

HoneyStop CT-4

Hidden Valley Lost World Cairn

Hideout Underground Hideout

High Duster PSE/PSR

High Stakes Casino

Hillcrest Resort Petsworth

Hollywood Park Circus

Honeycomb Ranch

Honey Pot Inn & Spa

Honeywagon Kanyaka Kayaks

Hopeful House ReHab Asheville

Hopi Red Rocks

Hopoate Edge Design

Horse & Mountain

Horse Chichester

Horse Gardens HG Ranches

Horse Pasture Ranch Sunshine

Horse Pasture Ranch Sunshine

Horse Thief Ranch Ely

Horse Town Motel

Hotel Indigo Anchorage

Hotel on Park Square

Humble Pie Saloon

Humbug Uno Hotel

Hummingbird Ranch San Juan

Hummingbird Ranch San Juan

Hunting Haunts

Hunter Brothers


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Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GT 750, AMD Radeon HD 6xxx
Hard Drive: 4 GB available space
For an optimal experience, please play on desktop.Q:
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