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Peripartum cardiomyopathy (PPCM) is a rare disease in which the heart muscle is damaged during the last trimester of pregnancy or the first few months after delivery. There is an overlap of symptoms between patients with PPCM and patients with other types of heart failure. The aim of the study was to estimate the prevalence of the noncardiac maternal morbidity in the group of women with PPCM and to analyze the criteria of its development. The study included 112 women with diagnosed PPCM. All women had the most severe stage of the disease and received standard pharmacotherapy. The control group consisted of 1078 patients (mean age 28.5 ± 6.3 years) who visited our ambulatory clinic because of some noncardiac disease. Noncardiac symptoms were more common in the PPCM group than in the control group: 16.1% of PPCM patients and 6.9% of the control group had noncardiac symptoms (p = 0.009). The main factors of noncardiac somatization in the PPCM group were anxiety, bleeding, backache, and arthralgia. We found no significant differences between the patients with and without PPCM in a relation to obesity, diabetes, cardiac diseases, liver and kidney function, anemia, psychiatric diseases, and menopausal status. Women with PPCM have more frequent noncardiac morbidity than other patients with heart failure. Analyses of study results showed that noncardiac somatization, bleeding, and backache significantly increase the risk of PPCM. The noncardiac somatization is more common in women with PPCM than in the general population.Description

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How to check if a F# value is NaN?

If I want to check whether a value of type decimal is NaN, I can write the following:
let isNaN d = d % 1 = 0

I can also get an error if I try to check NaN:
let isnan _ = true

How can I tell whether a decimal value is NaN?


NaN can be used as a conditional pattern pattern such as (_ | _) : bool.
You need to compare it to a string “NaN” instead of the type decimal.
let isNaN d = d = “NaN”


As kvb mentioned you can use (_ | _) : bool pattern

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