Icom Serial Number Year Of Manufacture

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Icom Serial Number Year Of Manufacture

September 13, 2020 – According to information from Icom: ICOM does not encode the production date in the serial number, but it refers to around 2001. When you buy new radios, the date of manufacture should be at least on the first line, for example the Icom IC-R1 or IC-R5.
If you want to find information about the production date of your radio on the Internet, you can use several Web sites, such as: http://www.the-digital-tourist.com/date-of-producing.html and http://www.cartoons.co.uk/date-of-production.htm.
The date of manufacture is often listed below the serial number, such as the Icom IC-R1-8A.
This will be indicated on the front of the radio, which is usually under the back cover and on the frequency knob.
In addition, the date of manufacture will also be indicated on the box in which the product was originally shipped and sold.
If none of these dates are listed, refer to the product documentation or contact your retailer
You can verify the date of manufacture by checking the serial numbers on the case and/or on the back of the receiver.
Below is a general example of a serial number:
This means that the model, series, and year of manufacture can be checked against the numbers listed.
Note that there are some of the models that do not have numbers on the case and rear panel.
(Some models are missing from the list below because there is no way to know the manufacture date of the receiver.)
Note that some radios do not have the model number and model year listed in the upper left corner of the front panel of the radio.
In this example, the serial number is not listed in this location.
In this case, the radio’s model and model year are most likely listed on the front plate or back label.
To find out the model and model year information on your radio, refer to your owner’s manual.
There may also be a sticker on the front of your radio indicating the model and year of manufacture.
However, some radios do not have a sticker on the front panel.
Therefore, to determine the exact model and year of manufacture of your radio, refer to your radio’s owner’s manual.
The radio has a built-in microphone.
The microphone turns on when you receive or receive an audio signal on any channel.
To mute the microphone, press the “M-” button when the microphone is not operating.
Do not allow water droplets or foreign objects to enter the microphone
Press the “M-” button to select the FM, MW or LW setting.
Press and hold “M-” to select AM setting.
Press “M-” button to select SW1 or SW2 setting.
Press “M-” button again to select TUNER setting.
Press “ON” button to turn the radio program recording on/off.
Press the “ON” button to record.
Each time the “ON” button is pressed, the frequency of the radio station recording changes from 0 to 39.
Press the “OFF” button to stop recording the program.
Press the “ON” button to stop program recording.
Press “M-” button again to select the TUNER setting.
Press “ON” button to enable/disable the radio program recording.
Press “ON” button to record.


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