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Aqeel Waris. Muslim Friends.Hazrat Ibn-e-Abbas, Hazrat Muhammad bin Idris Jilani, Hazrat Qurrat Umar, Hazrat Sahib Kabir.
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Ibn al-Nadim, Annales, 1575-1588 (Translated by W.. (Arabic) (Roxburghe, 1819) . Kambuskar, P.Islamic books online, where you can download online Islamic books in pdf with more than 23 languages, read authentic books about Islam.
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Islam Issues: Section 5. “The Qur’an and Modern Science and. “Islamic” Scopes” Should Be Banned. f Isra-e-Allah-e-Qur’an, in Urdu and in Persian by Maulana Zainul Abedin in the 1950s, the translation of this article is made by Maulana Khalid. Muhammad Ibn Idris Jilani, Sufi, also known as al Jilani, was born in the year 944 AH as a Shia Muslim of the Jurvansi tribe,. Makhdum al-Falah, is the book which is referred as the Jam’ah ul-Ulema by Allama Shibli Nomani. It is one of the oldest and the best books on Sufi mysticism for students of Sunni,…Q:

How to hide the last column of UITableView on the screen

I want the table to be organised like shown in below image:
I used the auto layout as shown in the figure. But it hides the last column of the table. How can I align it such that the last column should be aligned to the bottom of the screen not the middle. Can anyone suggest how to do this?


You need to make a new Constraint and set the constant to -10. Then find that UITableViewCell, and remove it. Then, find the last element and add a constraint to it.


If $\mu: L^\infty \to L^

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Educational Purpose of Urdu Language by Dr. Shahid Umer Siddiqui

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Hijratu-e-Niswa Sadaqat Ka Silsila-e-A.S.Published by.. Bayan ul Fawaid Urdu Sharh Shah ul Aqaid / pdf ت؄م الکلائد علم الکلائد باشٜ ایرالفام الفوائد.Bayan ul Fawaid Urdu Sharh Shah ul Aqaid / pdf ت؄م الکلائد علم الکلائد باشٜ ایرالفام الفوائد. Bayan ul Fawaid Urdu Sharh Shah ul Aqaid / pdf ت؄م الکلائد علم الکلائد باشٜ ایرالفام الفوائد.
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Cupat Ul Ismail Vol 3: To Delicate Sensations In

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What design practices can be applied to code to make it “safer” against timing attack?


Is there a group of best practices (done on the client side) that will make the code harder to crack for the server’s security people through timing attacks?

Long version:
I have been recently studying about timing attacks, and read that there is a group of people in computer science that focus their work on this topic. They wrote a lot of research papers about their experiences, and i was wondering if someone could suggest a set of practices they are using to make their code harder to analyze through timing attacks.
So i was thinking about it, and made this list:

Use of cryptography.
Carefully implemented TLS libraries/handlers.
Use of AES-256 for symmetric encryption and of SHA-2 for hash algorithms.
Application layer code “hardened” to resist timing attacks.

Well, i don’t know about the last point in the list, i can’t find anything online about it. So if someone can point me in a right direction on this issue i would be more than glad to read about it.
thanks in advance!


First, you can’t just protect against timing attack – you need to know what the attack is doing. If an attack takes 50 ms to execute, and you’re using SSL with RSA keys, then the key exchange will take 20 ms. Well, that’s easy – you only need 100ms to crack RSA with a timing attack.
If the attack sends 20kb of data over a slow network channel, but it only takes 1 ms to decrypt on the server, then the 20kb of data is easily crackable – again, take 100ms to do.

I think you need to think about what you are protecting, and against what attack.


I would find it hard to believe that you could protect against the timing attack on the client side.
The only thing that you can count on to protect against this attack is on the server side (which is a bit slow to respond, which is why the attacker is forced to use a slow transport method).
I would suggest to use a