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The emergence of the Internet is rapidly changing the way in which information, and in particular, software applications, are exchanged. In recent years the Internet has grown from being primarily an academic, government, and business tool to becoming a tool of everyday life for many individuals and businesses. For example, entities such as retail stores, retailers, and/or individuals are increasingly soliciting items for sale and/or rent, and allowing customers to order products, goods, and/or services, remotely, over the Internet. These types of transactions may be facilitated by bringing together the enterprise applications, physical distribution channels, and customers or consumers that are using the Internet to interact with each other.
While use of the Internet and related networks such as World Wide Web (“Web”) have been widely adopted, efforts to secure, and reliably transport information over the Internet have not progressed at the pace of the proliferation of the Internet and associated technologies. For example, the Internet provides a data-routed, two-way communications medium. Data is transferred from the data source to the destination via an array of routers, each of which acts as an intermediary. For example, a packet of information received at a first router may be flooded to all the other routers in the routing domain until the packet reaches the next router, which forwards the packet to the next router, and so on. This type of “best effort” forwarding protocol is often used with leased or low-cost links.
Often, the failure to use high-end, higher cost links may be due to the fact that the higher-end links are dedicated to specific customers or uses and are not intended to perform routing or switching functions. Therefore, the higher-end links are not well suited to packet routing or switching. Further,

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