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How to select data in a child table of a parent table

So I have a table:

A table that has a child table:

How do I select all data from the child table? (Which is under the envelope of the parent) I want it to come out looking something like this:

I tried using these queries:
WITH [child] AS
SELECT * FROM [dbo].[Flight].Flight
SELECT * FROM [dbo].[TblBill] [b]
INNER JOIN [child] ON [b].[SystemName] = [child].[SystemName]

So basically I want the query to look through the child table for the record it has already looked through the parent and pick up any records from the child table that it hasnt yet.


You need to JOIN the tables together, then get all the data you want out of the child table first using a subquery, then join back to the parent:
[b].[Account No],
[b].[Account Type],
[b].[Bill Notes]
[dbo].[TblBill] [b]
INNER JOIN [dbo].[TblFlight] [f] ON [b].[SystemName] = [f].[SystemName]
[TblFlight].[Flight No] > ‘749’
) [child] ON [f].[SystemName] = [child].[SystemName]


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