Whatever we do on our PC is private, and so the Windows OS gives you the option to password protect the access to your user settings. The problem is when you use an overly-complicated password, or when you don't log in for a long period of time. Whichever the case, the bottom line is you've most likely forgotten the password, and now you're suddenly restricted from logging into your PC.
If you're a Windows 7 user and find yourself in such a predicament, then a neat software utility like iSumsoft Windows 7 Password Refixer can come in handy.
As easy as one, two, three
Down to its very basics, iSumsoft Windows 7 Password Refixer helps you reset or even remove Windows 7 user or admin passwords without any data loss.
If none of the above options appeal to you, this program can help you create a password reset disk with a CD, DVD or a USB stick, and having that media inside the PC when booting will let you bypass the password altogether, without bringing any changes to it.
A few administrative changes too
Usually, administrators on a PC can only be designated by other administrators, and normally while they are already logged in to their account.
This is where iSumsoft Windows 7 Password Refixer shines once more since it allows you to add one or more new administrator accounts to your Windows 7 computer.
A clean slate is required
Given the nature of the program, it is recommended that you use it on a clean CD or DVD, or a USB stick that has been freshly formatted so that there will be no data interference or formatting. If you do decide to use a USB stick, and then think about using it for other purposes, you'll first have to reset it again to delete anything that iSumsoft Windows 7 Password Refixer stored on it.
Never get locked out again
While there aren't as many Windows 7 users as there use to be, the act of forgetting one's password occurs just as common among them as in the case of Windows XP, Vista or 10 users.
This makes iSumsoft Windows 7 Password Refixer an excellent choice for those who've locked themselves out of their PC on multiple occasions.







ISumsoft Windows 7 Password Refixer Crack + License Key Full [32|64bit]

1.Powerful Password Refixer – Now, you can eliminate and eliminate Windows passwords, user profile and system logins and change existing accounts simply by rebooting the system.
2.Automatically detect the accounts – iSumsoft Password Refixer will detect all the currently valid users and logins and provides you with the opportunity to add to, update, modify or delete from the list. If the login details are not present, you can easily add them using the list from the program.
3.Removes entire passwords and profiles – Reboot and the program will remove all Windows passwords and profiles from your Windows system. But what happens if you forget your Windows password or it is lost?
4.No data loss – All user data is not affected.
5.Easy to use – iSumsoft Password Refixer provides an intuitive interface, simple to use and is operated from within Windows 7. Just a single click enables you to protect all the accounts.
6.Runs silently in the background – iSumsoft Password Refixer runs automatically and is not used for another process while running
7.Easy to understand – iSumsoft Password Refixer is very easy to use and understand.
8.Windows 7, Vista and XP compatible
I cannot speak highly enough about this tool, it really is exactly what it promises to be – a tool that you can use to reset your Windows account to a default state. It is easy to use and the program will detect and reset all the passwords as well as the accounts.
Well worth the price.
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ISumsoft Windows 7 Password Refixer Crack+ Full Product Key Download [Mac/Win]

iSumsoft Windows 7 Password Refixer is a CD/DVD/USB/USB Stick password removal and recovery utility that allows you to easily remove any type of password from your Windows 7 computer and enables you to fix Windows 7 password by creating a password reset disk with the same name as your existing password, or simply restart your computer with the media. Users can also delete their Windows 7 users and administrator accounts.

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ISumsoft Windows 7 Password Refixer Crack +

A must-have tool for Windows 7

iSumsoft Windows 7 Password Refixer (Windows 7) a program that allows you to reset or even remove Windows 7 user or admin passwords without any data loss. This program cannot even bring changes on the existing user / admin account and password on Windows 7.

Remove or change lost, forgotten or stolen Windows 7 passwords

iSumsoft Windows 7 Password Refixer (Windows 7) is a fully-featured utility that allows you to remove or change lost, forgotten or stolen Windows 7 passwords with no data loss. If you like to keep your private files and programs safe on your Windows 7 PC, then this program will certainly come in handy for you.

Built-in updater for the latest version of iSumsoft Windows 7 Password Refixer

iSumsoft Windows 7 Password Refixer (Windows 7) is a simple and easy-to-use program that allows you to refresh and update to the latest version of the software immediately without the need to download and install it manually. Just pop the media with the latest version of the utility on your PC and you’re good to go.

iSumsoft Windows 7 Password Refixer

iSumsoft Windows 7 Password Refixer is your one-stop solution for all your password recovery needs on Windows 7. It can restore lost, forgotten, or password-protected users or admins. Recover multiple users at once and also enable/disable accounts in Windows 7. By using iSumsoft Windows 7 Password Refixer, you can reduce the risk of losing data.

What’s New In ISumsoft Windows 7 Password Refixer?

iSumsoft Windows 7 Password Refixer is a handy software utility for Windows 7 PCs that can wipe out the forgotten user or admin passwords.

‘iSumsoft Windows 7 Password Refixer’ will help you log into the PC without a password, or help you remove the admin password altogether.

iSumsoft Windows 7 Password Refixer Key features:

Automatically installs on a PC
No hardware required
Advanced password reset utilities
Stores the password reset disk in one of its built-in flash memories
Wipeout by issuing a CD or DVD, or keeping it on your PC USB stick
Reset or remove an admin user’s Windows 7 account
Reset or remove an administrator’s Windows 7 account
Use a CD or USB flash drive as the password reset disk
Easy password reset operation
No admin password detected while resetting
No data lost during a password reset
Win7/Win2k, XP/Vista, NT/2003 and 2000/ME/98/ME/98/95/2k/1k/3.11 operating systems supported
Supports all Windows operating systems, including Windows 7, Win 2k, Win XP, NT, ME, 98, ME, 95, 2k, and 1k
The program is compatible with multiple Windows operating systems, including Windows 7, Win 2k, Win XP, NT, ME, 98, ME, 95, 2k, and 1k
iSumsoft Windows 7 Password Refixer can reset the user’s or administrator’s Windows 7 password on multiple PCs at the same time
iSumsoft Windows 7 Password Refixer enables you to access a computer without a password or remove an admin password to make it accessible to other users
The program has a very small size – only 3.1MB – and it will work on the majority of PCs out there.
iSumsoft Windows 7 Password Refixer does not cause any damage to your data when using it.
A few simple instructions are required to use this software utility.
iSumsoft Windows 7 Password Refixer screenshot:

File Name: iSumsoft Windows 7 Password Refixer.zip
Size: 3.1MB
Download Now
iSumsoft Windows 7 Password Refixer – a great tool that will let you reset your Windows 7, Win XP, Vista or 10 admin passwords with minimal effort.

Click the download button and you’ll soon have the program installed on your PC.


System Requirements:

*Minimum spec:
– 200Mhz Amiga, 512K RAM
– 3d Video Card
*Recommended spec:
– 500Mhz Amiga, 1Mb RAM
– ATI Radeon or 3dfx voodoo3
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-Customisable sequencer
-Fully modulatable
-Genre data included
-Track Editor
-Import songs from other player programs, or the file system