Big names in the multimedia industry have tried to make a name for themselves with various applications capable of high-definition playback and playlist manipulation. Coming with dedicated formats, iTunes and Zune are some of the most commonly used entertainment platforms. Switching is not easy and if you want to keep playlists intact, iTunes to Zune Playlist Converter might just be the tool you're looking for.
Straightforward and intuitive design
The application is as straightforward as it can get, with a simple interface that greets you right from the first run. Two address fields require you to specify input and output items, as well as a few other options that are available for a little sense of freedom when selecting playlists to be exported.
Performs a one-way operation
One might ask why a converter is needed for such a trivial task, but both iTunes and Zune generate different file formats in which song details, order and path are kept safe. For instance, the iTunes playlist you're looking for as an input is found under the XML format, with the output after processing leaving you with a ZPL file which Zune can read. However, the application can only be used as a one-way ride, without the possibility to convert ZPL to iTunes XML format.
Good but far from being a pro
Unfortunately, the application is not able to detect, and does not rely whatsoever on the targeted applications, so you have to manually locate playlist files. Luckily, a slight hint as to where they might be located is given in a small helpful tooltip.
In case you're using the iTunes playlist still, one last click on the “Update Playlist” button makes sure it is exported with final modifications. The conversion process itself takes roughly about a second, with a small window informing you of the final status, but with no button to take you to the destination folder.
In conclusion
Taking everything into consideration, we can say that iTunes to Zune Playlist Converter is a straightforward utility with no other purpose but to help you migrate from iTunes to Zune while keeping your playlists intact. It feels a little rough around the edges, but for what it's intended, the job is properly done.







ITunes To Zune Playlist Converter Serial Key X64

With iTunes becoming the choice of many music lovers, Zune recently introduced its own music player for Windows Phone and provided a converter to transfer iTunes playlists to Zune playlists. Now Zune to iTunes Playlist Converter is available to help you achieve the same task. The program has been well tested to ensure a smooth conversion with no problems.
iTunes to Zune Playlist Converter Key Features:

The program has a simple and intuitive interface, which is easy to operate.
The converter supports all the song details and folder hierarchy of iTunes to Zune playlists.
With the help of this program, you can convert not only the iTunes playlists into Zune, but also convert the playlists between two Zune devices and iTunes.
There is a brief help file to guide you in operating the program.


路 iTunes version: 9.5 or later
路 Zune version: 9.5 or later
路 Windows XP/Vista/7/8

System Requirements:

路 (Minimum) Windows XP: Pentium 1.6 GHz, 768 MB RAM

How to Crack

Unpack the software to a pre-defined folder.
Download the serial key from the website of the installation package.
After the installation is completed, run iTunes to Zune Playlist Converter by clicking the icon in the shortcut.
Select input and output items, which include the input playlist/Playlist.itl and the output playlist/Playlist.diz from which you want to export.
If you want to convert playlists between two Zunes, do the following:
Double-click the “Convert Playlist” icon.
Specify the input and output devices, and the playlists to convert.

What is Serial Key

A serial key is a sequence of numbers or letters that is inserted into software to set a valid license for the use of the application. The serial number is necessary to activate the license. If the serial number is lost or damaged, you can use the serial key to get another license for the same product. Once the license is activated, it cannot be deactivated except if you delete the license. To access it:

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You want to import your iTunes music library to Zune? Do you want to add one more service in your media collection? Neither do you want to pay a bunch of money to be able to do both? Then you want this iTunes to Zune playlist converter!
The magic of these playlists is that they can be easily transferred from one iTunes library to another. Using this playlist converter, you can seamlessly move your music collection and your playlists from iTunes to Zune!
iTunes is music software introduced by Apple and is designed to be a replacement for the Windows Media Player. But this list of features doesn’t even scratch the surface of what iTunes can do, especially with the extensive features in terms of audio/video conversion, synchronization with portable music devices, etc.
Just like with Windows Media Player, you can add playlists to iTunes with one click. This is also where you can edit, delete, shuffle and reorder the songs in the playlist. You can also convert an iTunes playlist to other popular audio formats like M4A, WMA, AAC or OGG. Additionally, you can even change the volume of your playlists.
iTunes to Zune Converter, as the name suggests, is a tool that lets you import songs and playlists from iTunes to Zune. If your iPhone doesn’t have the Zune app, then you can import the songs to your iPod. After you are done with the conversion, you can share the playlist with your friends through email. iTunes to Zune conversion is the easiest way to import songs, videos and playlists to Zune.
iTunes to Zune Converter Features:

Converts the playlists with one click

Import M4P song from iTunes to Zune and convert to ZAAP

Convert iPod to Zune to AAC

Converts iTunes playlist to MP3

Converts iTunes playlist to WMA

Converts playlist to WMA MP3

Convert iTunes playlist to OGG

Convert all album art from iTunes to WMA

Convert playlist from iTunes to MP3

Playlists may be copied and pasted from iTunes to Zune

It can also be used as a temporary replacement

Create a playlist from several tracks

Easily convert iTunes music library to Zune

Import your iTunes playlists to Zune and convert them to WMA

Import and convert your iTunes playlist to MP3

Import and

What’s New In ITunes To Zune Playlist Converter?

Decide whether to convert between two different versions of the Zune playlist.
The supported version of the Zune playlist format is.zpl
Add a new playlist to iTunes.
Convert from iTunes to Zune playlist format.
Add a playlist to iTunes.
Convert to the Zune playlist format.
Drag and drop the playlist in iTunes.
Download iTunes to Zune playlist Converter demo version.
Download iTunes to Zune playlist Converter demo version.

Add playlist to iTunes
Drag and drop playlist to iTunes.
You can drag playlists to any playlist areas (see figure) like:
Library area

Change the file name of the playlist
Type the file name you want. Click Enter to save the playlist.

Drag and drop the playlist to any playlist areas
It includes:
Library area

The sequence of converting playlist

Library area
The playlist in Library area, it includes:
playlist list
playlist details
The details in the folder, it includes:
track details
video details
Playlist Detail
You can browse the playlist list.
You can edit the selected playlist.
You can delete the selected playlist.
You can add or edit the current playlist.
You can copy the selected playlist to the clipboard.
You can add a song from any playlist to another playlist.
You can copy a song from the playlist to a playlist.
You can copy a song to any playlist.
You can play a song from the playlist.
You can edit the song.
You can delete the song.
You can export the song.
You can help.

Playlist detail
Click on the song you want to play.
It includes:
The song information.
The details in the track, it includes:
The order of the song.
The duration of the song.
Album information.
Sort by order.
Sort by duration.
Sort by album.

Clicking on file, it includes:
The name and size of the file.
You can drag the file to iTunes.
You can copy the file.
You can open the file.
You can cut the file.
You can paste the file.

System Requirements:

路 Minimum 1GHz processor with 2GB RAM.
路 Minimum 300MB Disk Space.
路 Multitasking environment (or Window XP).
路 Minimum resolution 1024 x 768 pixels.
路 Minimum Internet connection.
路 Windows XP SP2 (or later) or Windows Vista (or later).
路 (Step 7).
IMPORTANT: During the process of submitting the application for approval, the status of the application in the official portal will be at “Application approval” or “Application processing”. If–Download.pdf–Free-MacWin.pdf