JI Calc is a program designed to allow users on many platforms to calculate and hear just tunings. It will support saving and opening tunigs and opening spreadsheet documents and allow users to send tunings to their synthesizers, via MIDI







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JI Calc is a program that allows you to quickly open, create and save tunings, hear the results, and email them to your synthesizer. It allows you to save your tunings on your computer, and open them again later.
JI Calc Features:
1. Open Tunings: User created tunings can be saved and opened using this app and loaded onto any other DAW, MIDI or synthesizer.
2. Create Tunings: Search for all existing tunings on this app, create a new tuning, or open a spreadsheet document (such as this one: ) to create your own. The spreadsheet is capable of holding large amounts of information about your tuning, including the delta and ratio numbers of the tuning, and information about the tuning’s division intervals such as major, minor, and perfect fourths.
3. Save Tunings: Once a tuning has been created, it can be quickly saved to your hard drive so you can open and save it later. You can also save them to a.png image file which you can then send to your synthesizer as a tunig via MIDI
4. Hear Tunings: Hear the tuning you saved. With the right sound source, you can even hear what it will sound like if you play the tuning.
5. Send Tunings: Quickly email your newly created tunig to your synthesizer and email address. The email comes with a.png image of the tuning that the synthesizer can import and open.
6. Test Tunings: A “is it a good tuning?” checker gives you the accuracy of the tuning’s delta and ratio. The accuracy chart is similar to the one on the upper left. If the “is it a good tuning?” checker says it is accurate it is. If it says “Not accurate” it is not. As you use JI Calc more and more, you will be able to create more accurate tunings.
7. Keyboard Tempo: This allows you to set the keyboard tempo you would like to use to play out of a tunig. If you would like to use the same tempo for all of your tunings, select the keyboard tempo, and check the box. If you would like to use a different tempo for each tuning, then adjust the tempo until you get the right tempo for that tuning.
8. Generate Series: This

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calc.jar shows the effects of changing tuning and demonstrates how to play in just tunings. When you run calc.jar, it loads two tunings, one that is just and the other that is sharp just.
When you change tuning, you hear the effect of that change. The new tuned is stacked over the old tuned.

calc.jar is easy to use, no knowledge of tuning is required. Just type the numbers for the note you want to hear and for the desired number of vibrations and hit enter.

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JI Calc

Welcome to the JI Calc!
It is a tuner program that is a simple song converter. Now the tuner is used to convert songs from one key to another and see the effect by the change of the time signature. This is just one of many functions of the program which includes setting up tunings, saving and sending tunings via MIDI, sending to Skype, Bluetooth, and more. Currently we are very focused on having a good looking and easy to use GUI for the program. Eventually we will have paid releases for those that want the fully featured version or will be able to develop their own custom GUI for the application.
The program is being developed using the Androguard plugin system. It is not the only system being used for the program, but it gives us the largest amount of flexibility and control for the project that we would ever want.
There are two versions of the project, 2 and 3. The 1.0 version is for those that want the free version of the project, the 2.0 version is for those who want the fully featured version. I believe the reason for this is so they are not caught up on the development and can focus on the 1.0 version. The 2.0 version is the same except for a few things, mainly the settings menus, the application window is much larger as well as the screen the installer pops up.
Other more obvious differences are that there is a proprietary.a5 file that needs to be installed on the hard drive to use the program. The 1.0 version is free, the 2.0 version is not. There is a link to download it from the following webpage
Download Links:
1.0 version:
2.0 version:
Please download and install the file, then run JI Calc and use the help button in the top left corner to find out how to use the program.
Saving and Opening Tunings:
Use the “File” menu to save tunings. Once they are saved, you can send them over to the program via the MIDI or Bluetooth.
Exporting the MIDI:
You can use the “Tuning View” menu to export tuning as MIDI to send to other programs.
Opening Spreadsheet:

What’s New in the?

JI Calc is a program designed to allow users on many platforms to calculate and hear just tunings. It will support saving and opening tunigs and opening spreadsheet documents and allow users to send tunings to their synthesizers, via MIDI
JI Calc Installation Instructions:
1. Download the latest version from the project home page
2. Unzip the file and double click on the JI Calc icon
3. Follow the onscreen instructions

JICalc + v 1.0.5

JICalc is the first version of JICalc VST/AU plugin, an all new multi-platform tool for converting and exploring Just Tunings.
JICalc v1.0 has been released, and it comes with a new intuitive interface, several new features, additional memory for non-Apple users.
JICalc supports 10 input formats and 6 output formats. You can search for your Just Tuning in more than 70,000,000 combinations.
1. MIDI stream
2. Tuning file
4. CV/INx
1. Tuning file
2. Tuning document
3. EX file
4. Tuning information

JustPitch v1.1.3

JustPitch is an application for calculating and generating tunings from pen & paper.
JustPitch Features:
– generate standard tunings (using the P&P chart)
– generate transposable tuning based on a standard or custom tuning
– generate C based on standard or custom tuning
– color code modes using only the 3×5 P&P chart

Sound Reverser v1.0.1

Sound Reverser is a small piece of VST software which changes sound of a track.
This is very simple and very handy tool. It is basically a simple volume booster.
First press the `FL+` key to switch on the volume booster.
Then press `ESC` key to stop volume booster.

Spreadsheet Creator v1.0.3

Spreadsheet Creator is a small piece of VST software which allows to generate a spreadsheet from a newly created tunings. You can compare two tunings by creating the spreadsheet of their difference.

Windows Audio Library v0.3.2

Windows Audio Library is a VST-Plugin which supports almost all PC-Audio


System Requirements:

Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista
Mac OS X 10.8 or later
Graphics card:
Intel HD 4000 is recommended
AMD/Nvidia (compatible with 64 bit)
Minimum resolution: 1024×768
Processor: 1.8 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo or equivalent
Hard disk: 10 GB
Additional notes:
This is the official D3D11-aware version of PCSX2 and a few tools, this version