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Unable to match string in c#

I am creating a simple login window to get input from the user.
After the user enters in the correct details, this string:
string userName = “”;
string password = “”;

will show the correct details in the text boxes.
However, I can only get the value of the userName to be displayed.
TextBox username = txtUserName.Text;
TextBox password = txtPassword.Text;

I have tried multiple variations of the above but there is no way to get the value of the password.


You need to use PasswordBox instead of regular textbox:
TextBox username = txtUserName.Password;
TextBox password = txtPassword.Password;

The textbox only supports password input. The PasswordBox implements the standard TextBox API, including the Password property.


how to use “exists” function of mongoDB in golang

I have this structure in the MongoDB:
“files” : {
“docA” : “wordA”
“doc” : {
“docD” : “docD”
“user” : “user_id”

so I have this schema in the golang code:
type FilesObject struct {
Docs []DocObject
User string

type DocObject struct {
Doc string `json:”doc”`

now I want to retrieve the documents which one of the “Docs” fields has “docD” as its value.
the code I wrote in golang is this:
var obj DocObject
var collection := bson.M{}
err := database.Find(bson.M{“