Kudremukh Trek

Kudremukh is well-known and named after a mountainside that resembles the face of a horse. It is renowned for its biodiversity and natural beauty. Kudremukh, a well-known hill resort among Bangalore residents, is actually a hill range in the Karnataka province of Chikmagalur. With its mountainous paths and diverse flora and fauna, Kudremukh Peak is a haven for both hikers and naturists. Because of which Kudremukh Trek is a must do trek

This area is a hotspot for biodiversity because of its rolling meadows, grasslands, and dense forests. A magical place to visit, Kudremukh still has much of its natural beauty despite ongoing threats to its ecology from various sources. A portion of the UNESCO World Heritage Site is a mountain range called Varaha Parvatha that is close by and reaches a height of 1458 meters above sea level.

Seasonal Recommendations For Kudremukh Trekking 


The Western Ghats town of Kudremukh experiences a lot of rain from June to September. Leeches, dense clouds, and sporadic showers are constant companions for hikers. One of the best times to travel is during the Kudremukh monsoon trek because it offers a distinctive experience that is well-known among hikers.


‍The rainfall decreases and the landscape turns a little bit brown between October and January. The hills hold a lot of water, and the terrain is perfect for climbing. As opposed to the evenings, the nights are much colder. The Kudremukh trek is best enjoyed when hikers can take in the expansive views of the undulating hills.


The region experiences summers from March through May. For those who love to hike, now is the best time to visit Kudremukh. During this time of year, one can also see a variety of animals. The average temperature is between 32 and 37 degrees Celsius, but it can also get as high as 37 degrees Celsius at certain times.

Kudremukh Trek Route Map 

Three sections make up the Kudremukh trek map. They are:

Section 1: Forest office to Ontimara 2.

On a single day, only 50 people are permitted. Therefore, plan your travel ahead of time. The trek begins at the forest office, where you can hear the sound of the nearby Somawathi Falls. As you approach the Shola forest, you will also notice the vegetation. You might be fortunate enough to see some animals here. You arrive at a creek crossing after 15 minutes of moderate elevation. As soon as you emerge from the jungle, the Ontimara and a sizable canopy will be visible. The Kudremukh Valley is on your right, and a mountain is on your left as you travel on level terrain from Ontimara. You reach the second Ontimara after hiking for an hour and a half.

Section 2: Ontimara 2 to Final Stretch

The ascent from the second Ontimara includes both a gradual ascent and a sudden rise. This area is charming, with lovely rolling green hills in the distance. After 20 minutes of moderate hiking in the first half, the path becomes steeper. As you ascend, the Kudremukh Valley becomes more visible.

Section 3: Final stretch to the Kudremukh Peak

You should reach this location around noon if you set out on your hike at 8 a.m. Take a break and sip some water. Inhale the scenery. Kudremukh’s back can be seen from here. The route to the peak can be seen from where you are currently travelling, which is in the centre of the Kudremukh Valley. The final 35 minutes of the ascent are spent getting to the peak. The turnaround time for your trek is 2 p.m. Nearly four hours are spent travelling back, and after 6 o’clock, the Forest Department places restrictions.

Detail Itinerary of Kudremukh Trek 

Day 1

  • At the various pick-up locations in Bangalore, your representatives will pick you up.
  • The overnight trip to Chikmagalur for Kudremukh will then begin for you. 
  • Proceed to Kudremukh National Park after arriving at Kudremukh around 6:00 AM.
  • Take a leisurely, energising breakfast to give you energy for your adventurous day before you depart for base camp.
  • Start your 22 km roundtrip hike to Kudremukh Peak (1,848 m) at 9:00 AM.
  • The trek is of moderate difficulty, and the ascent takes about 5 hours. The path begins as a muddy one and gradually ascends a plateau to the numerous meadows and grasslands you will pass. 
  • After the first 3–4 km, the climb becomes challenging and continues to be so for the remaining distance. The path is mostly covered in grasslands as far as the eye can see, aside from a few isolated patches of dense forest.
  • Late in the day, arrive at the top, and enjoy your lunch halfway there while admiring the breathtaking view of the surrounding sloping greens.
  • When you reach the summit, take in the expansive views of Kudremukh Peak.
  • By 2:00 PM, begin the descent.
  • After completing the trek, arrive at base camp at 6:00 PM.
  • Enjoy a bonfire and a dinner of regional cuisine. 
  • Put your feet up and have a restful night.

Day 2

  • At 8:00 AM, start your day with breakfast. 
  • After that, you can head to Somawathi Falls to take a swim in the refreshingly clear water before returning to the homestay or campsite.
  • Check out and begin your journey back to Bangalore.
  • Your journey comes to an end at this location.


These are all the details regarding the Indian trekking expedition to Kudremukh. It is hoped that this extensive information will help you plan your trek from Kudremukh to Karnataka. However, it is always advised to find out the most recent status of a number of issues before making any decisions about the trip.