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Lantek is a specific application with a specific weakness.
They’ve used a math based algorithm to figure out the strength of the file when it’s trying to do the encryption.
A simple calculator with some javascript combined with some probability should allow you to determine the code.

The math is simple, but I believe it is not complicated enough for you to crack it on your own.

[Methods and results of the follow-up of patients after major orthopedic operations (author’s transl)].
In the time of the present communication of further follow-up reports of patients at our own Department or referred to us by other clinics, the part of follow-up in general orthopedics has been varied (from mental testing of the efficacy of operations up to active investigations of the clinical details). Furthermore, the author has pointed out the deficiencies of some of the more frequently used methods, and discussed the controversial problems of the measurement of change or improvement, the valuation of the degree of disability and the necessity of knowledge of the pre- and postoperative status of the co-morbid state. The experiences from the last years are documented.On Wednesday, President Trump announced his pick to replace Jeff Sessions as attorney general.

And one candidate is out, and the other in, on Capitol Hill. But Trump’s unnamed pick to replace Sessions is already winning some high-profile supporters.

Former Attorney General William Barr – remember him? – appeared on Fox News on Thursday to offer his support for the president’s pick.

“He’s a good man,” Barr told host Martha MacCallum.

And perhaps not surprisingly, Barr, who was fired by President Barack Obama in early 2017 over his decision to slow-walk requests for an investigation into the Clinton email scandal, said that he has been in touch with Sessions.

“I think it’s important to respect the law. And that’s something he’s going to do,” Barr said of Sessions.

Barr, of course, was fired by President Trump after the Department of Justice determined that the former attorney general misled lawmakers about his role in the department’s investigation into the FBI’s handling of the Clinton email scandal.

“I think I was just doing my job,” he said in March 2017. “I